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Share autos and women

Share autos have become part and parcel of the life of chennaiites… They are handy not only for travelling short distances, but even for longer distances… These days i travel to office which is close to 15 kms away (close to away???) completely by share autos.

One thing i do not like about share autos (other than the uncomfortable seating and rash driving)is the mentality of women travelling in it. (Now, this blog is not meant to project women in any negative sense.. damn, i should have included the disclaimer).

Every now when a women gets into the auto first, she expects no male traveller to sit by her. And every now when I dont care about this and sit beside her, i get the worst possible glare ever from her. And every now when another woman gets into the auto, i am asked to shift to the wooden plank across so that this woman can sit beside her. (And worse are the men who give this nod of approval and at times go a step further and justify this behaviour… lets spare them till the next blog)

Now… based on this and similar incidents at different places, i am forced to conclude that despite their claims of being equal to men, women (atleast in India) like to project themselves as the weaker sex. I wouldnt say that they are below men… but they are oppurtunistic and are ready to accept that they are second best to men if they smell trivial benefits out of normal daily life situations and circumstances…urrrgh.. makes me sick…


3 thoughts on “Share autos and women

  1. Desiguy says:

    Thats the mentality of women… They like using advantages… Consider this case my friend was standing on the board while goin for his office in the bus. his hand was bandaged. In a stop some women came and they asked him to stay out. he had to hang with one hand and as a result he got really pissed and got down the next stop… Thats how women use us.. otherwise they say the same thing… we are not recognized by men… crap… if they want us to be equal ask them to be equal..

  2. No.1 Procrastinator in the world says:

    disclaimer: this in no way intends to truly offend, despite being offensive

    as a woman all that I can say is that this is absolute bull. whilst there are some women who might make their gender a case in point for advantage, others dont. this equally is the case for men, who nod and agree with such appaling behaviour, or throw patronising comments our way. worst of all, is the eve teasing, and dont tell me you haven’t done it because i won’t believe u

    think before you speak kay-k
    that message was truly mean

  3. Kay-K says:

    procrastinator, i respect your opinion, but i find the comments needless, for ex, the part where you accuse me of being an eve-teaser, i can start a war of words here but that would seriously digress from the intended topic and besides it would be like conversing with the wall given that you are anonymous, however, i encourage you to write a blog of your own and drop a link here, if it is in connection with the discussion.

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