I Think

All for a cup of tea…!!!

When i set out to have a cup of tea this evening… i never thought that i would be sitting here writing this blog(i was actally thinking of writing about diwali.. that is going to be my next blog).

I started from my office at about 5.45… the climate was cool, with plenty of hints that it was going to rain. the climate was so great that the occasion was perfect for a cup of tea at the stall a couple of minutes away from my office. So, instead of heading to the parking lot i went to the tea stall. Just as i ordered my cup of tea.. it started drizzling. The drizzle dint bother me and i continued slurping my tea. Within a couple of minutes the drizzle was no more so… but i assured myself that it is just one of those 10-minute-downpour. My attention now turned to the hot bajjis and i started stuffing them slowly.. enjoying every bit of it and waiting for the rain to stop. Instead the rain grew stronger and stronger. I waited… and waited… and waited… and checked my watch only to find that the time was 7.30. (In the meantime i had finished 4 bajjis and 1 mysore vada.)

This is where i first thought about leaving my bike and taking a bus to home. Naah.. its already a couple of hours since the rain had started, i started computing the probability that the rain would stop in another 10 minutes. With every ten minutes that passed, the rain continued relentlessly and somehow the probability factor grew along with this. Finally when it was about 9.30, i decided to ditch the probability factor and pursued what my commonsense had advised a couple of hours back.

By the time i reached the bus depot, i was totally wet. There was a lone D70 waiting with all seats taken. Fearing that this could be the last bus, i got into it. Velachery is notorious for flooding during the rains and this was the first time i saw evidence for this. Roads were competely inundated and on above all this, the bus came to a halt that lasted for 30 minutes neat the guindy signal. At about 1030, the driver yelled for the conductor and announced that the gears in the bus were getting locked. He proposed two things, a-bring the bus to a halt and b- move at snails pace till the final destination. After a few minutes of deliberation, they chose the second option. What should have been a 15 minute journey from there till vadapalani took 45 minutes and it was agonising to watch two D70’s pass by.

I got down at vadapalani at 11.15 and waited for an auto. During all this time, it was raining and i appreciated myself for deciding to take a bus home. Maybe it was a bit too early for this, i waited for the auto that never came. And finally at 11.30 i streched my arm and started asking for a lift. Well, the world is not such a bad place yet, i got a lift from a guy who dropped me at my home… and here i am… hearing eminem’s ’til i collapse’ and writing this tale… 🙂