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Varalaaru-History of godfather- 2 minute review

If u are going to this movie expecting it to be like the all-time classic Godfather, then you are forewarned – this is no way close to it. This movie will not make it to the league of extraorniary tamil movies either, but is better than most of the movies released this diwali.
After watching the movie, the first thing that came to my mind was Shivaji’s classic ‘Deiva magan’. I could find a lot of similarities between the two movies- the dad characters in both the movies had some personality issues (shivaji-scarred face, ajith-feminine charecteristics) the happy-go-lucky sons, the separated twins etc…
Ajith, for a change has concentrated on acting(rather than on punch dialogues-though some of the punches were delivered now and then), his role as the classical dancer with feminine charecteristics couldnt have been performed better, but somehow the movie lacked the depth in the story. Going by the name of the movie, i was expecting ajith to be a don and that’s how his intro too was. But then i was disappointed to know he wasnt(or was he..??).. coming to think of it i do not know what he was, except tha he has 40 estates and 4 offices and wealth enuf for ten generations(pathu talamuraikku sothu).
The movie is about a son trying to kill his father who betrayed his mother only to find that all this was a terrible misunderstanding. The movie is free flowing after the initial 30 minutes or so, during which ajith and his so called friends spoil it with cheap comedy. It was thoughful of the director to include some scenes after the end of the movie in an attempt to explain the loose threads, it was a different approach rather than having the usual hero-villian dialogue wherein the villian explains (with the muahahhahahhah) how he screwed the hero.
Anyway, the movie is worth the 80 bucks i paid for it but isnt good enough to find a place in my DVD collections.