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Been there.. done that..!!

The best thing about life is that it can surprise you just when you are not expecting one. It is full of mysteries which surfaces with perfect timing and leaves one pondering for as long as appropriate.

Life for me has been monotonous for the past month or so until a couple of days back… when i was struck by two deja vu’s in two days. Now.. two in two days is something that has never happened before.. for me these things happen once in anywhere between 6 to 12 months.

I was particularly interested with the second deja vu. I was diff-ing two versions of a file in gvim(an editor which i have known only for the last month or so), when it hit me.. hey.. i have been here and done this before. It was in a dream i had had 3 to 4 months back, when i was still in infy. That was the time when i was desperately hoping for a career change into s/w development and dreams such as this were quite common. But the most uncommon thing here is that in the dream i was diffing using an editor of which i had absolutely zero knowledge, sitting at exactly the same desk in an office which i never knew.

Anyways, the point here is that these things often raise many questions.. for starters.. can we look into the future? is the future already decided and we just pass through it? or is it just me alone who passes through it and everything around just variables that model my predetermined existence? or is this just a trick of the mind which associates these real life patterns with a mental projection of our deepest wishes? or is this a mere coincidence?

I have been thinking about these ever since the second deja vu and all i could come up with is this blog. 😦


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  1. No. 1 Procrastinator in the World says:

    here’s something else to ponder. the true nature of colour. whether what i see to be blue is exactly what you see as blue (and i don’t mean the differences in personal definitions of what makes blue- i mean whether the image inside your eyes- sent to the brain is the same- whether the electrical signals are the same and whether an eye transplant alters one’s vision of colour or whether the recognition is done in the brain)

    if the case is that recognition appears in the brain (largely negating the other option, due to the fact that such an anomaly would have been better documented) then it brings about the pondering as to whether colour means the same to us all- my question comes from the fact that whilst we all may recognise the same patterns on our rods and cones to be a colour, perhaps that pattern differs and the question to then pose would be, how would one diffinitively find out if this is true…

    what are your thoughts?

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