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Hercules – The Happy and Gay Warrior

My knowledge in Greek mythology is close to zero, to be honest it is 0- (for those wondering what 0- is, do a wikipedia search on limits, and if you grasp it please explain it to me). I was curious to look into it when I used to play AOM, but lost the interest soon after i finished the levels.
Today, by chance i took a peek into Greek mythology. I was looking for Kerberos in wikipedia, when the disambiguation page showed up with 4-5 options. One of them was about a certain ‘Kerberos‘ or ‘Cerberus’, a three headed mythical dog that guarded the gates to Hades. I checked this page instead of the security protocol that i was originally interested in. Apparently, this dog’s job was to see to it that spirits only enter Hades and don’t leave. A few times though, it was defeated, once by a certain Orpheus, who used his musical skills to lull Cerberus to sleep. And instantly I was reminded of Fluffy, the three headed dog in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone that guards the stone and is put to sleep by music. It is a good thing that mythology is not copyright protected or Rowling would have been sued her ass off. (Maybe we should take the cue and copyright our ancient scriptures too, you never know when people will use the same concepts).
Interestingly, on another occasion, the beast was wrestled into submission by Heracles aka Hercules. And continuing the process of clicking random links, i checked out Hercules.
Now, if there is one thing i knew about Hercules, it was his masculinity, in common terms, he was ‘the sex machine’. I also found supportive information in this regard, he made out with all the 50 daughters of a certain ‘King Thespius‘ in a single night. But that was just one part of the story and i had a few surprises.

Apparently, Hercules was happy and gay, happy with women and gay with men. I was surprised to know that one of the most celebrated heroes of all time was in fact bisexual. To the Gay Rights activists, i think it must be welcome news to find a celebrity in their community.

P.S: I have nothing against/for gays and bisexuals. I just found the news that Hercules was bisexual interesting.