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How I saved the world

Warning: Nonsense post ahead
Finally I have managed to make a list of what i really want to be. It is just a little too long to fit in here but I will just give a gist of it. When i look into the list, I wonder why I would want to be the returning war hero turned actor/director turned businessman turned politician with a penchant for adventure sports, space travel, expensive cars and also possessing a secret Dexter’s laboratory in my backyard. Ok, most of you would think that I am mad, but how many of you would opt for such a life given a choice?
A different perspective into this bizarre wish list tells me that I only want to be any of these only for the resultant fame (sigh!). Now that i have established what i really want, it is time to look into the possible outcome that may result in my pursuit to glory. There are two ways to reach fame – do something exceptionally smart or exceedingly stupid. Whatever I do of these two, the outcome would be something that is good to mankind or otherwise. So every time I try to attain fame there is 50-50 chance of success and failure(success denotes resulting goodness and failure otherwise). Observations and experience has shown me that doing good for mankind takes a lot of time to get noticed, so predictably the urge to do something bad overpowers the intention to do something good. I would hence change the probability accordingly, out of every 4 attempts that i take, only 1 would make it useful to people. Now, this is indeed bad news to all you folks out there. Dont panic, I havent added a significant factor yet. I also happen to be one of the laziest persons in this planet, so the chances that i would actually get up and do something with the intention of becoming famous are very low. (However, please do not discount the chances of me doing something good or bad without putting any effort and attaining fame in the process. I haven’t ruled out the possibility of someone finding out the fact that the heat generated due to the constant rubbing of my buttocks with the chair contributes more to global warming than the Airbus A380. I am waiting for reporters to throng my living room πŸ™‚
Thus I conclude by saying that my sheer laziness has saved the world from total annihilation. Isnt it reason enough to be famous? Where are the news reporters?


3 thoughts on “How I saved the world

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reporters are too busy with people who made an effort to be infamous da. may be we need dedicated journalists who are interested in lethargic activisim πŸ˜€

    — Guru

  2. No.1 procrastinator of the world says:

    this is perhaps the craziest yet most thought provoking blog i’ve read so far Kay-K
    but then again I’ve only read two other posts- the shawshank one- which 100% agree with in as much as the classification goes- perhaps once i’ve actually watched SR i shall feel privilaged enough to comment on the rest.
    the other post about the english 10th result is what i would classify as a stupidly modest post- much disappointing me in your honesty! there is no way that u could posssibly have been so bad at english, you have a natural flare for writing, something i should kill to get, seeing as i’ve chosen all essay subjects…which brings me to my final point- perhaps a modicum of fame might result in journalisitc tendancies which you already seem to possess! write for the papers- freelance- perhaps get your own coloumn!

    ok thats all from me for now- wait for the next installment of critical analysis if you please…

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