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What I redeemed from the Shawshank redemption ?

Case 1 :
Well, You occasionally get to watch a movie which hits you so hard in your mind, that makes your blood to rush at the speed of light.U feel u would have the handled the situation much better than that dumbo (the hero).U wish to do something unbelievable,something so adventurous that the whole world will stand up and celebrate you…. But then…wait a moment…. You have a nice deep slumber, wake up fresh next day and u dont even realise that u had such amazing thoughts running in your mind just less than 12 hours back. You are that same old jack-ass, no different from the one that you were yesterday.
Case 2 :
You have never heard of that movie, it lies in your PC for months unwatched, it just got copied to your hard-disk along with other junk movies…. and one day u feel so bored, so alone, and very very jobless that u put this stuff…the movie goes on…but you dont imagine yourself as the hero and you dont run your own movie in your mind.. u just watch it… the movie ends…. it was a happy ending, but still u heart feels so heavy… u cant realise that movie has ended and the movie’s starcast is scrolling up, but u keep staring at the screen as if the movie has just begun.
But then again…wait a moment…. You have a nice deep slumber, wake up fresh next day and u still feel heavy… even though u didnt have any amazing thoughts or adventurous dreams running in your mind last night.
Days pass by, months pass by, but every now and then, u start relating things happening in your everyday-life with some scene or dialogue of that movie. u have never seen that “everyday happening thing ” in this point of view ever before…
And that was how your outlook changed without u realising it…
FYI,This is not a CASE study of movie watching… its my crude classification of all the movies i’ve seen till date. all the other movies in my movie portfolio which does fall under class 1 or class 2 come under a single section named- ” CRAP OR BULLSHIT OR BOTH “.
I can put a hell lot examples for case 1 , but a notable one and a one which I can recollect right now is a hindi movie of the recent past.
Its called “Lakshya”.
The hero turns from this rich and ruined asshole to a war hero saving the nation’s pride in less than three hours…but the movie is awesome…. still one of my favourite flicks… For my childhood dream of becoming a pilot in the Indian Air Force, the movie was more than perfect to make my nerves taut. I had watched it over and over six or seven times, but alas i couldnt help it falling into class 1.
There are very few examples that i can put forward for case 2.
The best one would be “The Shawshank redemption”, the one that the world thinks is the second best ever ( source : http://www.imdb.com/ ).
I dont want to ( in fact, I can’t) give out a review here, no words are worth explaining it, you got to watch it to realise it. but there are things told in this movie which sticks to your heart so closely, that it gets binded with your character and changes the way the look at things.
View count?
I really dont have a count of how many times I’ve watched it
Smart banker Andy gets a life imprisonment in Shawshank jail for supposedly murdering his adulterous wife. makes a good friend “Red” in the jail, perhaps the only guy he trusts and vice versa, does all the tax paper work for jail officers, stays there for almost 20 years before breaking the jail and escaping the invincible prison.
As simple as that…
But when movie ends, u will understand the near perfect meaning of “what is hope?” if weren’t already aware of, and what it means to any individual…
Some sample excerpts…
In the end, Andy says to Red “… hope is a good thing, its indeed the best of all things…
and why? Andy digs through the prison wall for twenty years with a small rockhammer kept hidden in his bible. He just hoped he would reach the other side of the wall some day, he hoped he would be a free man someday, He didnt lose hope even though that “someday” came twenty years later…
You get institutionalized with these (prison) walls…
First, u hate them..
Then, u get used to them..
In the end, u start depending on them so much that u can’t leave them..
what is it to get institutionalized?
Brookes, the librarian of the shawshank jail gets released from prison after fifty years imprisonment on goodwill. He was such a respected and educated guy in that prison. Man comes out and realises that he just doesnt fit anywhere in the society. Commits Suicide!
Every single scene and dialogue in the movie that makes so much sense, maybe not right away but when we face new things in life.
Whenever I feel I have redeemed enough from the movie, I watch it one more time jus to realise that its just the beginning of my redemption…
If u think all this is such a bullshit and so should the movie also be, do watch the movie once and come back to read this again…

6 thoughts on “What I redeemed from the Shawshank redemption ?

  1. Kay-K says:

    one particular scene that i liked the was when red calls andy’s dream of getting out of the prison a ‘shitty pipe dream’… well it was a shitty pipe that made andy realise his dream.. idha dhaan directorial touchumbaangalo…

  2. Filarial says:

    the shawshank redemtion was indeed an awesome movie.. for there is one more class of movies that do not start out imressively but just grow on u as u get through the movie and in the end you just dont realise that its just been a couple of hour since u last introspected yourself but feels more like days.. the fact that I had no clue this was a cult movie when I saw
    it( must be like 10 yeasrs ago now) adds to that feeling..great blog..:)

  3. EssKay says:

    Yeah filarial, I too watched it for the first time almost 6 yrs back and got a similiar feel. btw, thanx 4 the compliment… and can i know ur actual name? calling u “filirial” kinda feels weird 🙂

  4. Filarial says:

    thts my e-name.. :D..kinda trying to make it legendary like “Neo”.. ask guru bhai bout it..;)

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