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Just Smile!

I recently visited my friend in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On the day I left Minneapolis I was kind of tired and a bit sullen. I finished checking in my luggage at the Airport and I was at the gate 1/2 hour before boarding. Just to make sure everything was ok I went up to the desk at the gate and asked “Am I all set to go. Do I have to do anything?”. The guy replied “Just Smile!”. It conjured up a smile in my face as if it were some sort of a magic trick or hypnosis since I kind of got instructions as to how much I can smile by looking at his suggestive face. Whatever that was, I was in a very good mood that day and it made a wealth of a difference to me. Thank you gate guy!


One thought on “Just Smile!

  1. Filarial says:

    awesome observation da.. one thng i really like about the midwest is that ppl smile at you on the street while running.. while at a restaraunt.. it just puts your mind to rest and stop worrying about all those petty problems that make up our lives..

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