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Nolte soccer

It is great to be playing soccer again out in the sun. It’s that same field as last summer – Nolte Center, which isn’t supposed to be a field exactly. This field has two huge triangular sections of a rectangle separated at it’s diagonal by a broad patch of concrete for people to walk on. Ok you can say that the triangular patches are just two sections of lawn we play on and nobody at the University cares. I tore my ACL in this very field last year trying to play a ball from the right flank to absolutely no one in the box. All my efforts of running after a poor ball went to waste plus I got myself injured. This year I am happy to be competing at the same physical level as the others. I am not a forward anymore it’s a boring position to play soccer. I love playing central midfield and I know almost everything about what to do at the position although I can do only 20 -30% of the job. It’s a place where you can spot your players and the opponents. Envision and execute some top notch passes or guess your opponents movements and try to stop them. I am a good passer I think and I can run well and get free. But I am not as good as the others at dribbling and I am so so with tackling. I try to make up for it by combining with someone while attacking. I think I have a good understanding with Karthik who I think is good naturally as a winger. Shyam is a menace, he’s an awesome dribbler and it’s difficult to win a ball against him. I shouldered him several times and won the ball about once or twice. I thought he was being nice to me since he knows about my injury. Although I hate that attitude towards me I have to admit that I am not a pro player and I have other things to take care of. Shyam keeps a cool head in not getting provoked by my physical style and makes sure he doesn’t hurt any one. Prashanth likes to stick to the ball and holds it for a long time and waits for a player to make a run. I hate it when he shows his back to me, I haven’t figured how to get the ball off him when he does that. Raghu is a good player and very relaxed in his approach. He is very experienced and can make good use of a mistake by the opponent. Vardi is a natural sportsman, he understands team games superbly and is a basketball player from college. Although he doesn’t follow soccer he has the ability to adapt to the game. He is famous for his clumsy dances with the ball, but he’s a very good team player. KC is the player I miss, he’s off to California for good, but playing soccer with him was immense fun, a very passionate player who doesn’t like to lose. He’s a skilled forward but lacks heavily in stamina. He creates problems in small pitches. Soccer makes me happy and feel young. It’s the best form of work-out according to me. Nothing gets me excited as much as soccer does. I am really looking forward to our game today!


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  1. EssKay says:

    I think that enthu level is equally important as skill set to become a great player in a sport like football and believe me da, for a guy like you who shows so much enthusiasm in whatever you do, You definitely deserve to become a Great Football Icon in one way or other machi….

    But I dont think Forward is not such a boring position after all 🙂

  2. Guru says:

    its a position that requires skill than anything else da.. in midfield i like having to think quick and spot players which is more awesome.

  3. Guru says:

    “enthusiasm is equally important as skill set” – coming to think of it.. i like what u said

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