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My first cartoon strip…

I have finally managed to create my first cartoon strip, courtesy toondoo. Anyway, I couldnt decide on the theme and ended up choosing the theme for the contest in the site. I have picked on Bush’s misery.

I am hoping to do regular strips, but finding a good common theme is proving to be difficult, all my ideas seem to be a EEE of either dilbert, calvin n hobbes or pearls before swine. Do you have a nice theme for a cartoon strip?


Matrix Conspiracy Theory

I have been a great fan of the movie ‘The Matrix’ ever since I watched it for the first time. I was(yes.. was) fascinated by the whole ‘brain in a vat’ concept and would make compelling and lengthy arguments in its favour with anyone who would argue against it. However, in time, the theory lost its charm once I couldn’t make much progress in it(although I still respect it as one of the possibilities). I am not going to discuss the theory here and revive my enthusiasm, rather I will make some observations from the movie.

The movie has a character called Morpheus, an elusive personality who has been freed from the Matrix and goes about freeing others. Morpheus believes in a prophecy that there is this ‘One’ who will liberate the entire mankind from the Matrix and will bring about the fall of machines. His belief is more than just belief, it is an obsession that drives him to kill other people stuck in the Matrix in his war against the machines. He even encourages his followers to do the same, and justifies it using the ‘if he is not one of us, he is one of them’ theory. The matrix is also inhabited by agents – programs that search and destroy Morpheus and their kind, programs that maintain order in the Matrix. As part of maintaining order, the agents also misinform the residents about the extremist nature of Morpheus and his followers. Now, anybody who has seen the movie will say that Morpheus is a hero out to save the world and the suit clad agents are the villains.

Ok, now that we are clear about who are the good guys and the bad guys, let me make a few changes to the characters. I would like to replace Morpheus with Osama and the agents with the CIA and the other agencies searching Osama(I would have asked you to picture Bush as Smith, but I think Smith is quite intelligent). All we know about Osama is that he is waging a war against the USA and the reason given to us is that he is doing so in the name of religion. Cutting down the religion motive, don’t you see a Morpheus in Osama? Both have been portrayed as terrorists, both have eluded capture. Both have killed people and believe in similar theories(‘if he is not one of us, he is one of them.. so kill him’ theory). The agencies out to nab him snoop on us very much like the agents. (You can cite many similarities if you start to imagine.) Is it possible that we have been misinformed and brainwashed by the US government about Osama? What are the odds that Osama is indeed the equivalent of Morpheus and is out to relieve us?

PS: its better if i put up a disclaimer… this is just a perspective… I am not an osama supporter.. and i dont want agents coming to my office and picking me up for interrogation… but if you do choose to come.. i will choose the blue pill and kick your ass 😉

I Think

Bienvenido Torres… Adios Garcia!!

Finally the much awaited big budget move happened. Fernando Torres has moved to Anfield after 12 years at Atletico Madrid. El Nino ( The Kid ) as he is affectionately called in his home town is a perfect blend of youth and experience. He’s only 23 and he joined Atletico Madrid’s first team when he was 17. He became the club captain at 19. So he’s more than just a striker, he can be a force in the field with his leadership qualities and the passion he brings to the game. I recently learned he has been supporting Liverpool for quite some time now along with his friends. Apparently all his friends have “You’ll never walk alone” tattooed to their arms but Torres could not, instead he was given an arm band with YNWA embroidered in it. The move to Liverpool is worth 20 million pounds or 30 million euros with a wage expected to be around 100k pounds a week. The player averages 15 goals in the Spanish league and it has been a much debated topic as to whether Torres is the player Liverpool want especially with the amount of money at stake. Liverpool fans voiced their opinions in various forums to bring Charlton star Darren Bent to Liverpool. They exhibited nonplussed behavior at the prospect of signing Torres as to whether he’s the “finisher” goal-getter that Liverpool needs and why not go for a talent that’s proven to work in the premiership. A fair thought I should say considering the strength in Liverpool’s midfield. The strikers have been getting great service from the likes of Gerrard, Alonso and Pennant and they have also pitched in with their share of goals every now and then. Personally I have not watched much of Torres but he is a highly rated player in Spain. He averages 15 goals per season in a side which lost to Barca 6-0. But is he the finisher that Liverpool need? According to me Torres is one type of striker Liverpool does not have. Liverpool have a work-horse in Dirk Kuyt, a flamboyant finisher in Crouch and a muscle man in Voronin. Torres brings that Spanish flavor of attacking football which is new to Liverpool and might be really useful considering Liverpool’s Spanish style of playing. I would be happy even if he replicates his 15 goal form next season. With Crouch in great touch and Kuyt’s hard work Liverpool can get the goals they have been missing. Of course I didn’t mention Bellamy… Rafa has admitted that he’s on his way out with a number of clubs making offers for him.

Luis Javier Garcia Sanz is back to Spain after a great record of 30 goals in 121 appearances for Liverpool. This prolific goal scoring midfielder has been a valuable asset to Liverpool over the last 3 seasons. He’s saved the day on many important occasions such as the Champions League Quarter final vs Juventus (a stunner), the controversial winner vs Chelsea in the semi final, his last minute winners vs Arsenal in the League and many more. He’s a midfielder with a difference. All said I think this is a good move for both the club and Garcia since his style of play is more suitable in Spain than in England where the game is about fast paced physical action. I have been frustrated many times by his failure to complete a superb counter attacking move. Many breaks have been foiled by Garcia’s inability to maintain composure at that high pace and he tried one too many tricks which were to say the least, disrespectful to the opponents. As a midfielder his ball distribution is poor but he is a genuine attack-minded player who gets free very often and has got a great touch with the ball. I wish him good luck in Atletico Madrid. He has already played for Atletico and has scored 9 goals with them. He’s sure to be a fan favorite and Atletico gained two for the loss of one, with Forlan, another Spanish hit having already signed for them.