Matrix Conspiracy Theory

I have been a great fan of the movie ‘The Matrix’ ever since I watched it for the first time. I was(yes.. was) fascinated by the whole ‘brain in a vat’ concept and would make compelling and lengthy arguments in its favour with anyone who would argue against it. However, in time, the theory lost its charm once I couldn’t make much progress in it(although I still respect it as one of the possibilities). I am not going to discuss the theory here and revive my enthusiasm, rather I will make some observations from the movie.

The movie has a character called Morpheus, an elusive personality who has been freed from the Matrix and goes about freeing others. Morpheus believes in a prophecy that there is this ‘One’ who will liberate the entire mankind from the Matrix and will bring about the fall of machines. His belief is more than just belief, it is an obsession that drives him to kill other people stuck in the Matrix in his war against the machines. He even encourages his followers to do the same, and justifies it using the ‘if he is not one of us, he is one of them’ theory. The matrix is also inhabited by agents – programs that search and destroy Morpheus and their kind, programs that maintain order in the Matrix. As part of maintaining order, the agents also misinform the residents about the extremist nature of Morpheus and his followers. Now, anybody who has seen the movie will say that Morpheus is a hero out to save the world and the suit clad agents are the villains.

Ok, now that we are clear about who are the good guys and the bad guys, let me make a few changes to the characters. I would like to replace Morpheus with Osama and the agents with the CIA and the other agencies searching Osama(I would have asked you to picture Bush as Smith, but I think Smith is quite intelligent). All we know about Osama is that he is waging a war against the USA and the reason given to us is that he is doing so in the name of religion. Cutting down the religion motive, don’t you see a Morpheus in Osama? Both have been portrayed as terrorists, both have eluded capture. Both have killed people and believe in similar theories(‘if he is not one of us, he is one of them.. so kill him’ theory). The agencies out to nab him snoop on us very much like the agents. (You can cite many similarities if you start to imagine.) Is it possible that we have been misinformed and brainwashed by the US government about Osama? What are the odds that Osama is indeed the equivalent of Morpheus and is out to relieve us?

PS: its better if i put up a disclaimer… this is just a perspective… I am not an osama supporter.. and i dont want agents coming to my office and picking me up for interrogation… but if you do choose to come.. i will choose the blue pill and kick your ass 😉


12 thoughts on “Matrix Conspiracy Theory

  1. Raghu says:

    Really a cool post.. But i don remember morpheus goin around killin innocent ppl… yet the comparision was pretty apt for the fact that morpheus seduced ppl in fightin for him and so did osama with the name of religion…

  2. smart says:

    Amazing post. after long time…

    as you said, osm is also not a bad guy as the US says..

    OSM can be a saviour, who knows..

    When Noah builds an arc, no one in the world believed in him. but he & his family, were the only survivor in the world.

    Now, Noah theory is back in the movie “EVAN Almighty”

  3. Guru says:

    makes good reading … but to be honest the thought is too fantastic…i know u just wrote this for fun..but i wish to assure friends like raghu and smart pandian that osama is no savior…hes the reason for the imperialists to be there and carry out their acts. terrorism is farce… terrorists if they are smart know pretty well they wont get anything out of terrorism. there are many people like him we know and we dont know. if people like him dont commply they face their end (like saddam) and thats when their presence is made public (like osama and saddam)

  4. smart says:

    How do you know sure that they were bad guys..

    All we know about them is only through news and our preconception on the idea.

    I was earlier used to have the notion that muslims where terrorists and christians were saviours.

    But later realised that both the religions were the child of Judaism.(both preaches about Noah,.. Evan almighty is releasing soon)

    about Saddam, its a known fact that America invaded iraq, not for saddam but for Petrol..

    Saddam killed hundreds of people and Chinese government also, did the same to democates supporters.
    Saddam being week, fall as a prey.

    Also, In British Library, kattabomman / Nethaji were terrorists. But they were our heroes.

  5. Guru says:

    thts the point i am trying to bring out… usa were in iraq for the petrol and not for WMD or saddam thats a joke. obv saddam did some bad things to maintain his power in the state…

    muslims and christians are children of jews but islam or christianity is not child of judaism simply by principles…judaism is a lot like hinduism..

    i dont see where u r trying to refute my argument 😀

  6. smart says:

    appadiyae.. balti adichita..

    In your first comment, you were supporting the death of Saddam as the right one. Because he was not comply with it.

    in second comment, you were taking the neutral stand as me.

  7. smart says:


    Ok.. I accept with Guru..

    He is not a bad guy.. does not mean that he is a good guy…

    good guy vs bad guy is subjective..

    just imagine.. one day they change the meaning of good into bad and bad into good.. then the first line would change into …

    He is not a good guy which does nt mean that he is a bad guy..

    Anyways free.. Just boring.. 🙂

  8. Guru says:

    🙂 karthik ur post is special cos it got us into an argument… and u r also special cos u stay a silent spectator as ever.. u cunning bastard 🙂

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