Conjoined twins

Siamese Twins

I suppose you have heard about conjoined twins, if not here is a wikipedia article(written by a stranger with no credibility) describing it. I also suppose that you would agree that it is one of the most terrible abnormalities that one could possibly have and that you are lucky you aren’t one such(again assuming that you are not one). From what I know, remedy for the condition is available through a very complex surgery which involves considerable risk. Also, the complexity of such a surgery supposedly increases with age.

I happen to know one such Siamese twins, for quite some time now, although not too personally. And I think you would be knowing about them too, unless you have been living in a spider hole for a very long time. The couple I know of were born before I was and there is an interesting tale surrounding their birth. If you love solving puzzles, chances that you have come across the one involving triplets born on different dates are high. I could never understand the solution to that one, but was convinced that there is a perfectly logical explanation to it. Well, their tale doesnt explain it, but it sure shows that such a scenario is perfectly possible. Yes, the twins that I am referring to are actually part of triplets, all born on different dates. Wait, there is more, all were conjoined, until surgery(a quite bloody one I am told) separated one from the remaining two.

Let’s talk about the ones that continue to be joined. Despite their situation, the pair I speak of have actually developed their own identities, for which I am happy, but at some point(probably from the beginning itself) their thinking, their ideology and their perspective on what is good and otherwise and life in general hadn’t sync-ed as much as their bodies(after all no two people are the same, conjoined or not). Their already worse life was made further miserable by constant bickering and petty arguments(usually followed by long silence, which is unimaginable given their state), even frivolous squabbles over who was the rightful owner of the organs they shared. They have even claimed at times that they don’t need the other for survival. Do you think that it is entirely possible for them to be so? Do you think that they can go about their business as normal people do? Do you really think that they can be INDEPENDENT as they stand and claim and are probably celebrating this very moment?

P.S: Its OK if you dont feel like answering my questions, I shouldnt have asked them at all, there is never a good time to ask them, especially on their birthdays.


6 thoughts on “Siamese Twins

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought for a sec. that u were talking abt India-Pakistan (the date Aug 14th being one of the confusing factors).. πŸ™‚

    -Guess Who?

  2. Kay-K says:

    thanks naveen, your name reminds of one of my college mates – have you known me sometime in the past?

  3. smart says:

    Sorry.. Karthi.. Initially I doesnt understand..

    but August 14, India – Pakistan .. Siamese Twins..
    its good thinking.. and also I like the way you said the answer…
    but its against my theory to consider india & pakistan as twin..

    I believe, definitely the two can stand on their own..

    In my perspective.. if world is a man.. India & pakistan can become two eyes of it.. I dont want my two eyes tied together.. One can function without other..

    Its Indian Democracy .. that was tying india together.. πŸ™‚

    Every split has a reason..

    I could n’t understand, If we want unity.. why we just think about India – Pakistan.. and not about India – srilanka or making entire World as a single country?..

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