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Calvin, Susie, Miss Wormwood and my cousin

My six year cousin has achieved something I haven’t so far been able to do my entire life – kiss a girl. Apparently, he has got this pretty class mate at school, towards whom he must have been attracted for some time now, and one day overwhelmed by these feelings decides to spurt it out, and what better way to do it than a harmless peck on the cheek. Well all went well and his kiss was well received, only that his teacher caught him in the act. Now, this reminds of Calvin, Susie, Miss Wordwood and a situation Watterson came freakishly close to draw(I remember Calvin wanting to kiss Susie, did he?). The teacher, who I am told shares the looks and attitude of her great-great-great grandfather, Jabba the Hutt, didnt approve of this behaviour(perhaps, my cous’s suavity reminded her of Han Solo), and bounced him around like the metal ball in a pin ball machine. Once she was done feasting, she went ahead and informed his parents.
Now, it was my uncle’s job to talk sense to the boy, he had a man-to-man talk with him, advised him that such public display of affection is immoral and will not be tolerated in this society. He seemed to take things well. It looked like a done and dusted matter, except that the very next day, the kid goes and kisses the girl again, although this time taking care that ‘Miss Wormwood’ wasn’t poking around. But alas, the other girls in the class saw him doing ‘it’, and one of them turned out to be the reincarnation of Cinderella’s ugly step sister. The vestiges of countless-loveless-lives began to haunt her and in her anguish, she informed the teacher about the kiss. Well, the teacher decided that this time the crime went way beyond her jurisdiction and sent the boy to the principal. Gzzzzzzzz-Bang-Bink-Jish-Boing-Boing-Boing-Doun-Dash-Tish – Pin ball time for the principal. The second thrashing in as many days and the detention that followed seemed to have squeezed the dare out of the boy, no more kissing episodes have happened since. I don’t think he ever understood why he shouldn’t jave kissed, I imagine him talking this out with his Hobbes-equivalent buddy.


3 thoughts on “Calvin, Susie, Miss Wormwood and my cousin

  1. Guru says:

    rofl! did the girl have anything to say about this at all? cos from what u r saying the girl seems to be ok with the kissing. and i dont see any animal instincts with this… it’s a revelation to the ‘mature adults’ that an unexposed naive kid doesn’t feel anything wrong in showing a pretty girl what he thinks of her. to say the very lease i think this is totally sweet.

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