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Esskay’s Biggest Mistake


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  1. smart says:

    Chennayil Ilam guitar Tharkolai..

    Chennai 24: Yesterday night,A young Guitar has committed suicide in the closed room of Esskay. Sherlock Holmes has been investigating the case.

    Holmes has noted that the Guitar has committed suicide while standing like a Tambura. It appears one of the main reasons is that its suicide of desperation of Guitar. i.e., the guitar felt desperate that she has not born as tambura.

    Holmes could not progress much on this case as the prime witness Esskay who was completely in love with his Guitar, went dumb after this incident.

    Will sherlock detects the real truth?
    Will Esskay open his mouth & write in comments what really happened?
    Let’s See…

    From Thinamalar fb Edition..

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