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First some international news, global warming has supposedly gone down drastically in recent weeks. Experts are baffled and are searching for explanations, some have suggested that the general increase in awareness amongst public, the use of renewable resources, al gore’s music fest and others to have contributed the reversal of the global warming phenomena, now renamed by unimaginative scientists as ‘Global Cooling’. However, Steven Levitt, the renowned author of the best seller “Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything” has come up with a startling counter explanation. According to him, the phenomenon was triggered about a ten months ago following the death of famous hollywood celebrity Anna Nicole Smith. He had the following to say, “As you know she was hot, she was ‘freakin’ hot.”

Now, some local news. Millions of people in tamil nadu are still suffering from the mysterious-yet-to-be-named disease that was first reported on the day following diwali. The symptoms of the disease include burning fever, unplugged diarrhoea, disorientation, memory loss and frequent blackouts. Initial suspicion for the mass outbreak of this disease were (a) biological attack by terrorists and (b) bird flu. Now as more and more people are recovering, the cause of the disease has become clear. Apparently, the last thing they remember doing was watch ‘ATM’, the block-busted vijay movie. This is what one victim had to say, “Dont put your money on ATM”.

On to some technology news. Recent research by gungans and unemployed alien species has shown that women on an average spend 3 years of their lifetime getting ready. This may not seem startling at outset, but when combined with the following conventional wisdom – all women believe that they stop aging after 18, people spend a third of their lives sleeping, the math says they have just 9 years to actually live. Poor souls.

And finally some sports news, the cricketer who peed in his pants while facing shoaib akhtar has attacked his critics calling them bigots and chauvinists. He said and I quote “If a frog pees when attacked, people call it a self-defence mechanism but if a man pees when attacked it is cowardly and gross. Weird world”. Yes, weird indeed.


5 thoughts on “More news

  1. smart says:

    The facts in the blog were new to me.. Thanks a lot.

    Just thought of a Joke..

    Billa : –
    sarithiratha oru nimisham paarunga,
    athu namakku kathu koduthathu onnu thaan..
    Naama vaazhanumna yaaravaena, ethana paera venaalum kollalaam…

    Tamil Nadu People:-
    Aday.. ippo thaan ATM fever la irunthu thappi puzhachirukom..
    nee vera, orae adiya kolla poriya…

  2. Anon 1 says:

    I actually love that Steven Levitt book- any chance any of you cool people have read it and wish to discuss?

  3. anon 1 says:

    btw…kay-k, i just read your profile for the first time and in response to what i think is a question or possibly a crazy pondering- the “g” in bologna is pronoucned as a “gnya”- so the word would sound like this:

    bo-lo-gn-ya…the gn sound is similar to the sanskrit word “gnyani” i guess- which means- one with knowledge.

    i wonder though- why you would choose to ask this question in cyberspace?

    also- i have discovered that reading blogs is a fantastic way to procrastinate off work that essentially needs doing- so when at 5 in the morning i choose to read your blog rather than finish the essay i should be doing- i find time to also look at your profile and read all your comments- i am yet to begin a blog of my own though- perhaps i should- it would give me ample opportunity to waste more time in my life 🙂

  4. Kay-K says:


    apart from his fans the one group that eagerly anticipates the release of ajith movies is the medical community. there are rumours that they have experimented with the movies and have found them to be a perfect substitute to enema. The only problem being the side effects, which include schizophrenia, zombie-itis and others. Hope these things are remedied in billa..

  5. Kay-K says:

    @anon1 –
    i started reading that book but unlike many, i dint find it impressive and hence stopped halfway.. some of the cases werent as sensational as the author has suggested.
    for eg, the case where teachers cheat is a very common and obvious thing here, all the big name schools have in fact become big by focussing in training the students for the public exam. the fact that 9 out of 10 students get 50/50 in their public practical exam is a good enough pointer to the fact that teachers cheat. i was disappointed that i learnt nothing new.

    the thing that led me to stop reading was the case where the author suggested the reason for the drop in crime was because the criminals were aborted, now this wasnt different to my explanation of how i saved the world here, which i had written hoping to impress some hour-glass shaped woman into believing that i was infact superman any in turn further my plans of taking over the world. While I have failed in my plans, levitt has definitely succeeded in doing so.(dont worry, i have backup plans), besides why stop the causal analysis there, why not go and analyse why single women got knocked up in the first place. i ll give a levitt style explanation, it was the rock-n-roll culture during the 50’s and 60’s that seemed to project premarital sex as a necessity among the youth, and what made the genre popular was elvis who in turn became popular for his wonderful voice and most importantly the jig that he did, which he happened to pick from a retard kid called forrest gump. so in effect, it was forrest who saved the world.

    anyway, you seem to be impressed with levitt work, give me one good reason to finish the book.

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