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‘M’ Business Down-Under

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has an opinion in this matter and here’s mine. First of all my sympathies to Symonds, I have had the experience of being taunted(although not racially) and I can tell you it feels really bad. That said I have played enough street-cricket to tell you things can get ugly on the field over trivial issues. I once made a smart-ass comment towards this opponent and had to hide behind the entire team while they tried to reason with him that imploding the stump into my you-know-where wasn’t such a smart idea. It is entirely possible that Symonds made one such remark to Bhajji, which wound him up so badly that he started abusing him and all his genetic predecessors ultimately ending with the ‘M’ word. Clearly Symonds does not believe in the idea of Evolution for if he had, he would simply have retorted saying ‘so are you…’ and carried on with the game.

There is another perspective to all this drama that everyone seems have ignored. Over the past year, the game has seen a general decrease in public interest. During the same period, there has seen a wild increase in the number of reality shows(everything from indian idol to jodi no. 1 have been big hits). Combining these two, I have the following question, “Is it not possible that the entire drama was scripted by the BCCI to win back its lost followers?”

I am totally convinced that this is the case and did some research to find out on which movie(s) the whole episode was based on. The result was surprising, it was not some bollywood flick the script writers decided to EEE, but the famous ‘Star Wars’. Let us look at the evidence to this claim.

‘The cricketing/galactic empire is in turmoil. The Aussies/Trade Federation want to resolve the racism/trade dispute, they are secretly backed by the dark side’s Bucknor/Darth Maul. Meanwhile Sharad Pawar/Senator Palpatine(look at their initials… coincidence?) want to be nominated for the position of President of ICC/Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate….’ – This much from ‘The Phantom Menace’. The rest is from the ‘Return of the Jedi’. The entire world is unsure about the relationship between Deepika Padukone and Dhoni(Leia and Luke), during the (cricket)series it is revealed that Deepika is infact crazy for Yuvraj/Han Solo and not Dhoni as speculated. In order to avoid controversies I will not disclose the identity of Chewbecca. Now to the big question… Who’s playing the role of Darth Vader?

Disclaimer: If anything said here is misconstrued as racism by this pathetic-self-indulgent-disoriented-thing that you call brain, I have my shrink’s word that I tend to be the same while writing blogs. Don’t waste your time charging me as a racist, my lawyer will plead insanity.


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