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Divide and conquer

Yesterday, I tried my hand at kneading dough for phulkas. Used the divide and conquer algorithm for the task.

The trick was to add just enough water so that the resulting dough reaches a manageable size and separate it. Proceed with the same step until no more loose flour is left. Then bring back all the chunks together and add water as necessary.

Ofcourse, the resulting phulkas were more like veratti(dried dung), but hey, its a start.


6 thoughts on “Divide and conquer

  1. Red Phoenix says:

    namakku edhukku full kaal mukkal ellam (Phullka)… oru Dosa or idili, oru idi aaaaapam… idellam podhume…. 🙂

  2. EssKay says:

    OMG!!! Divide and Conquer on Phulka??

    I admire your usage of science in every seemingly impossible area with such an ease!!!


    Nee Vaazhga!! Un Kulam Vaazhga!!

  3. Kay-K says:

    @guru: recipe is nothing but an algo for making dishes. my ‘recipe’ as such is not different from the usual one, except that i have expanded a step to that makes things easy.(do you think i should patent it?)

    @red phoenix: roti is more common in my home bcos long long ago my granpa decided to make a living in northern india. (i will add your suggestion to the list of things i will do once i complete my time machine)

    @esskay: (vivek stylela padi)adhuva varuthu daa… 🙂

  4. Guru says:

    divide and conquer is patented. u may try phulkas but i am sure “americans” beat u to that. nobody will buy ur divide and conquer on phulka recipe. but heck give it a try!

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