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Liverpool Disappointing

Just watched the first half of the game. Disappointing half. Its not 11 v 11, more like 14 v 8, some of the liverpool players making pinpoint passes to chelsea players.

I wonder if all the liverpool players practice around each other. Most of them look surprised when their teammates pass the ball to them.

Liverpool might as well have thrown the towel now, it doesnt look like they are gonna turn things around.

p.s. i really hope that liverpool get through and i have to eat my own words

Update 1: Torres scores a beauty!!! I am ecstatic!

Update 2: Second half’s pretty much been like the first, except that the roles were reversed. Liv did well, but i still want a few guys to wake up(arbeloa, masc and kuyt). Hope we win outright. keeping fingers crossed.

Update 3: Game almost over. Fuck Hyypia, Fuck Rafa

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Cry baby Sreesanth

In case you do not know what happened yesterday in the match between punjab and mumbai, read this. Bhajji slapped santh? that’s what the media says, there is no footage to support this. The only footage we are being shown on tv is that of sreesanth crying.

Media reports say that sreesanth cried because bhajji slapped him, but the sources close to fast bowler say that sree cried because team owner preity zinta refused to hug him after the match as he was smelling like a pig that has just rolled on you know what.

Well, one thing’s sure, Sreesanth feels like a man only when he is holding one of those ‘balls’ in his hands, all other times, he is just one of those guys even my six year old cousin hates, a cry-baby.


Guess what this oneliner does

Little python background first

1. [ ] represents an array.

2. range(1,5) gives the array [1, 2, 3, 4]

3. True/False – boolean values,

4. x in range(1,10) checks presence of x in the array[1, 2, …9]

5. [i for i in range(100) if i%2==0] gives an array of even numbers(watch out the enclosing square brackets, it means the result is put into an array)

[0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96, 98]

So can you now work out what this one liner does?

[i for i in range(2,20) if True not in [True for j in range(2,i) if i%j == 0]]

P.S I think most of you will find what this does, can you think of better ways of doing it in one line?

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Candid Revelations

Today I have decided to be insanely candid with you. I am going to reveal all the relationships I have been through till now(i must be insane), some may make you puke, but there is a slim chance that one of them might end up as a movie, in which case I will puke. Why am I doing this, I don’t know. I might end up embarrassing myself in front of the whole world(OK, maybe not the whole world, very few read this), but I don’t think I care(at least for now).

My first relationship was one that neither I wanted nor her. It was forced on us, I was barely eighteen then, fate brought us together but forgot to bring fevicol for the occasion. It was a catastrophe, the only thing we shared was the hatred we showed towards each other. She thought of herself as some princess and that by marrying her I had accepted to serve her unto death, she never knew how to manage anything, and wanted me to handle every bit of it. I tried procreating with her but she made me feel like King Shantanu, all my kids were either aborted or terminated unexpectedly. I couldn’t take this longer and decided to leave her for good.

So much was I shaken by this first relationship that I decided not to venture into another any time soon. But things changed when I joined Infy, it was at Mysore that I got to know her. She was great, I dint know it then but I was already in love with her. I realised this when I got back to Chennai where she was no longer around me. It was miserable, the time I did at Infy. I longed for her so much that I quit my job at Infy and took up a job at a different company where I could be with her. She was great, caring, loving and trustworthy. She seldom disappointed me and for my part I did my best. Very soon we were married.

Time is probably the worst thing that could possibly have happened to us. One moment we were married, looking forward to the fairytale happily-ever-after, but a year later I found myself filled with a feeling of emptiness, a certain void(It was only me, she dint feel it though). I guess we just lost the vibe. I began seeing other women and the funny thing was i dint feel ashamed about it.

I wasn’t making much progress with my other ventures, a guy posing as a dedicated husband has very little time to spare for his fancies. I dated a couple of girls here and there but neither went past the third date. This wasn’t all, there was another lady in my life. To the world, she was a total freak. Very few understood her for who she really was, but the rest treated her like a whore. Even I have been guilty of treating her like one, spending the occasional night or two with her, but not meeting her eyes in public. This was probably the only time I was truly ashamed of myself.

I was becoming desperate, and in my desperation I even courted a old mature lady, but realised what I had done and backed away at the last possible instant.

I was hopeless and had I stayed that way, this post would have ended now(or maybe this post wouldnt have begun at all). Fate once again intervened in my life, but this time it was working overtime to make up for the first time. One expression that finds its way into most romantic tamil movies is the ‘vayattula-pattampoochi-parakkara-feeling'(Butterflies in the stomach), I know that feeling now. She is breezy, sexy, intelligent(not the bossy-know-it-all-bitch who corrects you every time you go wrong, like my wife now), she is the girl I had dreamed about. While in all my other relationships, it was I who had to bend myself for things to work, but my latest is quite an anomaly. Sometimes she even reminds me of my childhood crush, and trust me when that happens she is the girl you want to be with.

Enuf said, you want to know who these girls are? Sure, I will show you their profiles.

Here‘s the link of the first one.(the one whose memory I had to manage bit by bit, or rather byte-by-byte), this is the next one(the one i am married to now), the girls I dated – this and this, the mature lady, the whore, the childhood crush and my love.


IPL teams go medieval

Look at this…

They are calling themselves ‘Super Kings’. And we have Kolkata calling themselves knightriders or something like that and wearing knight-like helmets. Ofcourse, they can never match my favourite kinghts, the black knight…

and the knights who say Ni…

Anyway, why are all these teams going medieval? Are they being influenced by the 16th century autocratic style functioning of the BCCI?

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For a long time, I never understood what ‘lolcats’ meant. Apparently, “it is an image combining a photograph of an animal, most frequently a cat, with a humorous and idiosyncratic caption in (often) broken English—a dialect which is known as ‘Kitty Pidgin’, ‘lolspeak’ “(taken from this wikipedia entry).

A few days back I stumbled upon this amazing blog featuring lolcats, and ever since I am spending most of my free time ‘lol’ling at lolcats.

My favourite lolcat is this

Humorous Pictures

Update: This one aint bad either