IPL teams go medieval

Look at this…

They are calling themselves ‘Super Kings’. And we have Kolkata calling themselves knightriders or something like that and wearing knight-like helmets. Ofcourse, they can never match my favourite kinghts, the black knight…

and the knights who say Ni…

Anyway, why are all these teams going medieval? Are they being influenced by the 16th century autocratic style functioning of the BCCI?


3 thoughts on “IPL teams go medieval

  1. Guru says:

    Monty Python’s holy grail. Have u watched it? Its an awesome movie.

    muralidharan looks like 300’s gerard butler.

  2. Guru says:

    Anyway I dont know about the medieval theme of it. But at least the super kings picture symbolizes banner artists in tamilnadu (“cut-out” makers) who are extremely good and world famous for this stuff.

  3. karthikkrishnakumar says:

    Monty Python is unbelievably awesome…

    The funny thing about the poster is that dhoni looks like a hero, murali’s like the guy who dies fighting for the good and hayden looks very much like the villain…

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