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Liverpool Disappointing

Just watched the first half of the game. Disappointing half. Its not 11 v 11, more like 14 v 8, some of the liverpool players making pinpoint passes to chelsea players.

I wonder if all the liverpool players practice around each other. Most of them look surprised when their teammates pass the ball to them.

Liverpool might as well have thrown the towel now, it doesnt look like they are gonna turn things around.

p.s. i really hope that liverpool get through and i have to eat my own words

Update 1: Torres scores a beauty!!! I am ecstatic!

Update 2: Second half’s pretty much been like the first, except that the roles were reversed. Liv did well, but i still want a few guys to wake up(arbeloa, masc and kuyt). Hope we win outright. keeping fingers crossed.

Update 3: Game almost over. Fuck Hyypia, Fuck Rafa


6 thoughts on “Liverpool Disappointing

  1. Guru says:

    Every fan is entitled to his/her opinion. But my opinion is that rafa is one of the best there is. So u need to wake up. we did our best and its just bad luck when u score 2 goals at the bridge and dont progress. also please keep in mind that for some 60 odd games not liverpool but no team has beaten chelsea at their home. its just abt the own goal, we could have gone there and played it cool. liverpool players worth probably only half as much as the chelsea players. u need to appreciate the fight that was put in by the players. “fuck hyypia?” : he did fantastic coming in for skrtel and he almost won us a penalty and hes one of the most clever players on the pitch. guys who need to wake up : arbeloa agreed. masch and kuyt ? no one would agree with u on that. weakling in both legs : John Arne Riise. The man has to leave.

    Whats disappointing is ur post and ur analysis.

  2. karthikkrishnakumar says:

    aah… i knew you would say that.. i am not as analytical as you, but i sure can voice my opinion…

    kuyt lost the ball more than anybody else…come on i saw it, u cant possibly deny that.

    masch.. maybe i was hard on him then, that was probably cos of that corner he gifted(don know if u remember, around 88th minute and gifting chelsea a corner, things cud have ended there, liv havent been grt defending set pieces, chelsea one of the best at using set pieces, probably only behind villa this season i guess)
    fuck rafa… cos he took off torres for no apparent reason(remember i was posting this during the game, he definitely dint look injured then)
    fuck hyypia – i still think he spoilt all the good work by gifting the penalty(yes, gifted, he had all the time to clear it first time), he did almost get us the penalty, but then he dint

    besides all this was written at the heat of the moment, i think we were robbed the chance of beating manU.

  3. Guru says:

    “fuck rafa… cos he took off torres for no apparent reason(remember i was posting this during the game, he definitely dint look injured then)”

    –he had a hamstring strain and he wanted to come off(because we have babel in the bench and he believes he can work better with fresh legs). everybody says hes the top scorer and he was the man to get us the goal. how is someone with a hamstring strain going to challenge for the ball and get us a goal? because hes a grt striker that doesnt guarantee goals.. he has to be fit. rafa is no idiot to take him off for nothing. and babel did get us a goal to give us a glimmer of hope and i dont fancy torres getting us 2 more. considering that hyypia shd have had a penalty himself, it was not bad after all. and i am sure this comment is spurred by the fact that andy gray (who likes liverpool) dramatized the situation too much. everybody talks about the own goal in the first leg, but torres missed 2 good chances by his standards. it shd have been 2-0 in the first leg minimum. so we were never favorites, so u have to be positive abt the way liverpool are playing with spirit. look at barca they have a fantastic squad, but yet they cant lift themselves out of a depression. 4-1 to madrid. things can be worse.

    hyypia : u shd be light on him. we had no plans of playing him and we ended up using him. u can say chelsea were lucky that skrtel got injured but i like hyppia he makes up for his lack of pace with his instincts. and nobody despises a defender for challenging a player. did u see manutd vs westham 4-1? in which a defender refused to challenge ronaldo and it was cake for him. hyypia had to go for it. on another day he would have got it. it was extra time ..tired legs.. mistakes happen. he’s still a very good defender, who can start for any premiership side for 2 more seasons. he has just lost some pace, but all other qualities like strength are still in tact.

    Commentators say third time lucky, i think that’s the case. in 2005 we were lucky, now its their turn.

    dirk kuyt : i dont know what u were talking abt. may be i didnt notice it. but clearly, he was our best player in the first leg.

    masch and torres are the two best things that has happened to us this season.

    may be if we had gone to the final we could have had our revenge, but ill leave it for later when we are stronger. major summer signings in place.

  4. karthikkrishnakumar says:

    i am not denying the quality of kuyt or masch, its just about that game(second leg, not the first, am i clear?), and again there were no signs of the injury when torres was taken off(i dint see him limp, or wince every step, or lie down and call for medics, maybe i missed it) are you getting the fact that this was infact written during the game, meaning when it was being played, and the update came as soon as torres was taken off???. again, this post wasnt the result of thoughtful-retrospective-analysis(you should never expect that from me, esp with football), so no point jumping down my throat and telling me things that i already know.

  5. Guru says:

    I am sorry about telling things u already know. We r just very different fans. Even I was surprised at the way Torres was taken off, but my reactions are never so strong. I still believe we did enough. Chelsea were lucky, and with a team of such caliber they shouldnt be relying on luck.

    About limping : just so u know and sorry for stating any obvious things. u dont necessarily limp off an injury. also torres could have been just tired. and rafa could have lied abt the injury just not to attract media attention to a mere “substitution” rafa made.

    “so no point jumping down my throat and telling me things that i already know.” – absolutely sorry mate, i didnt realize a friendly discussion on football would make u feel this way.

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