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After a really really long time I saw some clips of dexter’s lab in youtube. Back in school days, I never used to miss it, even the repeats. Everyday @ 5 p.m. Hmm, now i know where I was when I should have been playing around. Anyway, even today I think dexter is far better company than what society has to offer.

Those days dexter’s lab was my favourite among favourites(The list includes johnny quest, pinky and the brain and of course popeye show). I could never(and still dont) understand how people dint come to like dexter.

Here’s a short clip. The best part of it is the one where dexter demo’s his robotic arm(ahh.. think of all the pies I could make :D). I seriously wish I did something like that.

Update : Saw this gem, awesome!


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  1. Guru says:

    Dexter is always one of my favorites. Do you know the episode in which there’s a long battle of brains between dexter and mandark, which dexter loses and he cries with a picture of einstein? I cant find it online

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