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My Team of the Season

The season’s over. ManU won it. Liverpool came fourth. Ok lets get over it.

I just came up with my dream team of the season. I have tried to avoid ManU players as much as possible (their team right now is as good as any dream team one could think of). Here’s the team.

                   Torres               Rooney
                   Fabregas              Gerrard

Lescott                                             Glen Johnson

                      Rio                  Micah



Like I said earlier lotsa Manu players would have made to the team, but I have tried my best to look away from them.

Other players who were impressive(to me, YMMV) during the season include Anelka, Defoe, Eduardo, Flamini, Petrov, Krancjar, Skrtel, Bentley.

The best buys of the season ?
5. Tuncay
4. Santa Cruz
3. Nani/Anderson duo
2. Petrov/Elano
1. Torres

The worst purchases in the season?
5. Voronin
4. The players Big Sam bought to newcastle, Barton/Smith/Cacapa etc
3. All those Northern Irish players whom Sanchez bought to the cottage
2. Kaboul(What a joke he has been)
1. Malouda(?)

Sad Moment: Eduardo injury

Could think of only three
4. Most Derby games?
3. Bramble (Wigan vs Man City)(The one where geovanni scored seconds after kick off)
2. Bramble (Wigan vs Everton)

1. Robinson (FA Cup Spurs vs Reading)

Next Season?
Already looks promising
Modric – experts claim it to be a wonderful signing for spurs
Bosingwa – would atleast he be the proper full back EPL is missing? or would we have to wait for alves?
Etoo, Henry, Ronaldinho, Huntelaar…. etc all names floating around.
Hope Liverpool have a great time shopping.


4 thoughts on “My Team of the Season

  1. though its a good team its not balanced– how can you stick lescott at left back?

    and @-

    “Like I said earlier lotsa Manu players would have made to the team, but I have tried my best to look away from them”

    I think you stayed more away from chelsea rather than Manu unless you mean you wanted all 11 players to be from ManU ..:D

  2. karthikkrishnakumar says:

    Cos he played most of this season as left back. I think he did a far better job than Clichy or Cole.

    As far as no chelsea player making it, that’s bcos nobody really performed consistently through the entire season. They were faced with lots of injuries, cech, JT, lampard, didier, ballack, cole.. i could name the entire squad, plus losing players to African cup of nations, despite all this, they have done really well to finish second. Yes, ballack, joe cole did get into decent form in the latter half of the season, but come on where can I fit them?

    And staying away from ManU, i did, Carrick had a great season, Tevez did well, vidic was great, and even wes brown did tremendously well . All these guys had a valid case in wanting to get into my team, only I dint pick them 😉

  3. Guru says:

    ashley young was awesome initially and then i stopped following all non-liverpool games except very few. interesting how u count down from 5 to 1 when we can see them all while reading :).

    put cech on goal : hes the best imo

  4. karthikkrishnakumar says:

    cech’s the best but then as far as this season is concerned james beat him.

    5 to 1 countdown, maybe i should try to post a video for such things in future…

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