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Answered by Kamal : @ twenty-four frames per second ?

Not so long ago, after spending a significant part of my life in watching movies ( and re-watching over and over a lot more times ), I just asked myself…

what could be the best and worst of things that I could have possibly got out of watching movies?

Important Note: I suffer from acute congenital selfcontradictophilia and ones in italics may be my mirror thoughts or my parallel thought streams with no or zero sense.

OK, I’ll reserve the worst for the last!

The best things ?

1. I could bring out all the forms of my emotional side, whenever and where ever I want to (lying on bed with my laptop! )~ laugh, cry, mourn, curse, and what not! Choice is the greatest of all blessings! 

2. I could end a bad day at work by watching a ‘relaxer’ and celebrate a happy day by watching a ‘rejoicer’. Day’s over ! watch some movie and goto sleep, you moron ! 

3. Spend some quality time on entertainment and spend some more high-quality time on dirtier entertainment. positively-sloped linear relationship on a dirtiness-time graph!

Sadly though, most of the answers brought my HappynessMeter® to a new All-time low!

And Oh! the following are not in how-much-it-makes-you-feel-like-a-loser order!

1. Primary Issue – Searching answer for all my problems… the cinematic way!’

2. Watch a movie and imagine the same problem to happen in my life – I dont have to spend time and mind trying to solve it, I know the answer!

2. Hoping Whatever I do will become one of the most dramatic and remembered events in Human history. – which is not true even for one-in-six-billionth of the human race! even I dont remember what was the last thing I did, that I could call it an achievement! 😦

3. Assuming that the worst thing cannot exist for more than two and a half hours – or everyone dies !

4. Trying to correlate my every living moment with a movie scene, and telling to myself ‘ Yippee!! I know what’s next!! ‘

5. When the next ‘scene’ is (obviously!) not what I expected, start searching for another scene from a random movie where something close happened! – Yeah, I know a scene which is similiar to what happened just now!

6. My decision making capability (if I had it at all!) is tightly bound to my ability to picturize the situation with a movie! – I always pray I could picturize exactly one movie. Choice is the greatest of all curses!

7. Get a chance to realize yourself and when I am just about to accept the fact that ‘I was the only screw-up in the whole god damn group!’, I tell to myself  ‘OMG, I had the chance to be the villian all this time.. should have done that part much more creatively! ‘

8.Screwing up things so disastrously and expect a miracle to fix the situation – but later convincing myself that There is no such thing called miracle. It was just meant to happen!

Well, the answers had a pretty disastrous effect on me lately.

First of all, I did not expect these many answers are going to come out of such a small simple question. ( and why does this remind me of John Nash saying  ‘Like in multivariable calculus, wherein for any given problem, there are more than one solutions!’)

Second , I can never take a cure for something which I refuse to accept as a problem! and I dont want to stop watching movies! and dont want to correlate my life with it too!

Third , What the hell do I actually want then?

The irony ? Guess where these answers came from ? the question itself!

I was youtubing the other day when I stumbled upon this particular scene in Kurudhi punal, the one where DCP Adinarayan is interrogating Badri after He comes to know that Badri is the head of rebel gang.I had watched this scene at least a dozen times before but this one time, It made a whole new sense to me.

He mentions that ‘the future is faced with a weak-hearted movie-maniac generation not worthy of revolutionizing the World anymore! ‘

I dont know if anyone has watched this scene from the same angle that I viewed it! But it made me feel guilty and unworthy!

But why am I trying to take an answer from the very thing that I am judging the credibility for? Should I take the answer? Should I not? Was DCP Adhi true?… like in real life

Am I really one of those ‘weak-hearted movie-maniacs’ ? Is there anything to drive my Happynessmeter up?

I think this is my classic hangovers disturbing and ruining my weekend. But what the hell! I know what the next scene is! – take few shots of ‘Tequila’ Sunrise, and I should be over it!


One thought on “Answered by Kamal : @ twenty-four frames per second ?

  1. Guru says:

    Do u have anything like netflix in germany?

    if u are a weak hearted movie maniac, i think you wouldnt have watched the movie from that angle u r saying. if u r a weak hearted movie maniac u wudnt like kurudhi punal in the first place because

    – no songs in the movie
    – everybody dies

    “un kannula kalachara balam” theriyudhu machi.

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