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Media Sucks

Couple of incidents happened today that I am really pissed off about.

1. Glorification of sachin on ndtv, come on sachin scored only for the first time this series(it was a classy knock alright), but then showing his innings’ highlights in slow motion with background music and all is way too much. Come on media, dont keep hyping sachin, there are a lot of equally talented guys out there, focus on them, and more importantly focus on the game. If there isnt enough cricket to be reported about, focus on other sports news, like champions league final for example. Its already 20 minutes into the half hour sport news show and not a word about the final yet. NDTV sucks.
2. When I tune on to a news channel in the morning, the one thing I definitely expect to hear is the news, and the last thing I should be expecting to hear is my fortune from a tarot card reading bi*ch. I just cannot understand who got this brilliant idea of hosting tarot card reading at 7.30 in the morning. Headlines Today sucks big time. And you should watch some of the ‘NEWS’ they report, katrina kaif’s dog is dating salman khan’s pussy, deepika padukone had idli for dinner, rakhi sawant’s ambition in life is to ride the North Pole(sorry riding to the north pole), who the hell cares about this sh*t. This channel is the equivalent of tabloids in newspapers. Again, Headlines Today, I have got just two words for you – Youuuuuu SUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK..

If you media guys have no job other than recycling turd, try doing this for a change.


4 thoughts on “Media Sucks

  1. Esskay says:

    The best such thing as far as I have seen was “Amitabh bachchan is suffering from cold”. That was in breaking news for like hours!! 😦

  2. karthikkrishnakumar says:

    @guru: i really meant his cat 😉

    @esskay: I wanted to write a much bigger rant on this.

    on valentine’s day the breaking news on Headlines today was that of rakhi sawant getting back with her ex, after slapping him on camera for ditching her(hard hitting journalism?)

    who ever wants to see this?

    P.S dont ask me why was i watching it, that thing was going on for hours that day and i have this habit of channel surfing. besides i sometimes watch such stuff just to know how rotten things have become.

  3. Jayaram says:

    The screen is dived into multiple parts and I really dunno for what the News reader is blabbering like a crazy frog.

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