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Rajani makes it to textbooks

Today’s Indian Express carries an article about a change made in CBSE class VI textbook, the change – a lesson about Rajanikanth titled ‘From Bus Conductor to Superstar’, the lesson comes under the section dignity of work, the lesson is just what the title says, rajani’s life. This article made me really angry, about what I am still not clear.

Maybe its because I think there are a lot of worthier people who could have made it to the textbook, one example that popped in my head was the kid who worked in idli shop and made it to IIM(not necessarily the best fit, but worthier than rajani).

Maybe its because it may lead to children idolising Rajani, and inadvertently picking his mannerisms. It is not because I don’t want kids to take actors as role models, again there are worthier artists who can act as inspiration to kids (although I cant recollect one who has a rags to riches tale..)

Maybe its because i feel his rags to riches story itself had more of luck and fanatic audience than it had to do with hard work. Besides what is this “hard work” these guys are referring to? From what I read in the article it has to do with the time he spent before getting his kollywood break.

Maybe its because i hate Rajani.

Do you really think Rajani deserves to be in a school lesson? Is it just me who thinks this is not right?


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