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Disclaimer: Rant Ahead.

One of my favourite pastime is playing table tennis. If there is one thing that I can claim to be at the top, it is table tennis, and by top I mean as in top of the normal bell curve. Anyway, this half hour pastime is precious to me, it is the only exercise that I do.

Most of the time, we have too many players waiting to play at the table, and invariably we end up playing doubles game. To me, the game is most interesting when played between players who are equally good/bad. The worst possible game is one which involves a noob. It can be a torture. Slow. Painful. Torture.

Today we had a noob at the table. It is a fair and free world, everyone has the right to play. Agreed. The noob played, the correct word would be ‘ballet danced’ around the table. It happens, I was a noob once. I dont have any problem with noobs playing.

But wanting to play a second game when all you did in your first was skate around the table, how fair is it? The biggest problem with people is them trying to be nice. The unwritten rules of conduct which binds people in a professional setup is the biggest form of bull shit. Nobody protested against the noob wanting to play the second game. I ended up playing a crappy game. One good thing I did was end it soon. I played to lose. I dint protract the game by lobbing the ball so that the noob can lob it back again and give ourselves the illusion of playing a rally. I think my partner wouldnt have been happy with losing to a noob, but come on, people were waiting to actually play the game, Naalu berukkku nalladhu nadakkuduna, edhuvume tappilla.

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Get a life people.

Do you spend your weekends alone in your apartment?

Do you fish orkut checking out profiles of brazilian girls?

Do you troll blogs posting anonymous irrelevant comments?

And do you get a lot of replies asking you to ‘go and get a life’?

Well.. here’s your chance…

check out http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7467857.stm

On a related note, here’s a question, given the chance, whose life would you bid for? (Its a fun question, try not giving ‘I-am-happy-with-my-life-thank-you-very-much’ answers)

I Think, Silly

Three Letters

Lately I seem to be having a lot of spare time at work, so much that I am doing random google searches to pass time. The degree of randomness has only increased with time. Earlier it was about ‘technical’ things I heard about somewhere in the past and wanted to know more. When that became monotonous, I did random searches about words that just popped in my head, and buried myself in one of the seemingly infinite hyperlinks that google vomits on my screen. And when that became monotonous, I reached to a higher dimension of creativity by doing really random searches – randomly typing three letters on my keyboard(ok, I am starting to sound like Yosarrian here, but I am not, I wannabe like Milo or expfc Wintergreen), starting with the the most convenient combination of keys to type – asd. I have been doing this for about 7 minutes now, and not one combination has failed to return results. Its like a game where victory is just around the corner, I thought that I could just find one combination that doesnt return results. Should I just give up?

While I ponder over that, here’s a question to you guys, what is the minimum number of letters needed to produce zero results in google?