I Rant, Silly


Disclaimer: Rant Ahead.

One of my favourite pastime is playing table tennis. If there is one thing that I can claim to be at the top, it is table tennis, and by top I mean as in top of the normal bell curve. Anyway, this half hour pastime is precious to me, it is the only exercise that I do.

Most of the time, we have too many players waiting to play at the table, and invariably we end up playing doubles game. To me, the game is most interesting when played between players who are equally good/bad. The worst possible game is one which involves a noob. It can be a torture. Slow. Painful. Torture.

Today we had a noob at the table. It is a fair and free world, everyone has the right to play. Agreed. The noob played, the correct word would be ‘ballet danced’ around the table. It happens, I was a noob once. I dont have any problem with noobs playing.

But wanting to play a second game when all you did in your first was skate around the table, how fair is it? The biggest problem with people is them trying to be nice. The unwritten rules of conduct which binds people in a professional setup is the biggest form of bull shit. Nobody protested against the noob wanting to play the second game. I ended up playing a crappy game. One good thing I did was end it soon. I played to lose. I dint protract the game by lobbing the ball so that the noob can lob it back again and give ourselves the illusion of playing a rally. I think my partner wouldnt have been happy with losing to a noob, but come on, people were waiting to actually play the game, Naalu berukkku nalladhu nadakkuduna, edhuvume tappilla.


3 thoughts on “Frustrated.

  1. Guru says:

    I once played TT full-fledged. I even thought I will become a pro since TT was the most important sport in our school and for me. Sharat kamal who won the commonwealth games is from our school. But in every state ranking tournament I was drawn vs the top players in the state in the first round and I was thrashed heartlessly and that discouraged me heavily. One look at my mediocre bat will give them a clear idea of my level and that was it. The best I have ever done was a 21-18 loss vs a state number 2 player. I still remember that day, after the game the opponent’s coach congratulated me for trying my best. The player was gutted he didn’t see me off sooner. I am incredibly out of touch now. It’s a great sport that improves hand-eye coordination and keeps you fit. May be we can play a game or 2 sometime.

  2. karthikkrishnakumar says:

    guru i know u can play, still remember the one time i played against you in college, got pwned badly. ya we could play.

    esskay, its not against noobs or pros or whatever, its just the lack of common courtesy/gamesmanship/etc that is frustrating

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