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Today is one unforgettable day in my life! just read on and you’ll know why!

Few months back, when MS and Y! talks were going on, I noticed and was rather confused by what looked like a isolated yet strange behaviour of Google shares in the US sharemarkets! My only question was : Why would Microsoft plans affect the Google’s shares? Why should the share price fall so badly when the company is performing far superior than its competitors?

Well, Yahoo’s stand was pretty clear! It wanted to show Microsoft that they cannot just keep doing whatever they want to. And regarding the Google shares’ chaotic price movements, It just looked like a typical stockmarket phenomenon. When two big players go nuts, others will have to face the music too! In such times, we can always see a major fall or rise in a company’s share even when there is no change in the company’s performance.

But then, I was more than restless to know – why so much impact only on Google ? why not others? I just didn’t know whom to ask and I was restless. So I did the stupidest thing I have ever done. or so I thought! 

I found this guy Jerry Yang in the net. You wouldn’t believe me but I dropped a mail (ya.. i told you it was the stupidest!) to this guy, listing out my doubts. I didn’t know why I was doing this! Whatever I did seemed something like buying a lottery that a million others bought and pinning my only hopes on winning the lottery. I was pretty sure the mail will get marked as spam and trashed by the time it even reaches his secretary’s mailbox.

But today, few hours back, It finally happened! I received a reply from Jerry Yang!! I had received a reply from the CEO of Yahoo!! I just couldn’t believe it!! but it also gets me thinking. People do win lotteries, right?. Eventhough it is a one-in-a-MILLION chance, it is still ONE-in-a-million chance!  There is definitely a significant difference between ‘almost zero’ and ‘zero’.

He has written that he was intrigued by the way I have put out my questions to him and had decided to reply me back. (Hey!! a compliment from Jerry Yang!!) His reply didn’t seem anything like a indifferent response to a next-to-nothing guy like me. It was brief, pretty straight forward and much more friendly. But totally not like one I was expecting !

There were some figures about the google’s revenue charts to explain google’s stock market behaviour!! I could not believe my eyes but at the end of the mail,  He has stated “Yahoo has bought-out the orkut division from google for an undisclosed amount” and that the orkut transition from google to yahoo has already started and news will be out by tomorrow. He mentions that sometime back when the news was out within Yahoo and Google’s fronts, It put some google shareholders to worry who then started selling google’s shares in unusually bulk quantities. and that google’s shareprice had fallen since then.

Now you know why today is a unforgettable day in my life! its not because Yahoo is buying out Orkut. I am on cloud nine because I can’t believe a guy like Jerry Yang would divulge an information that crucial to a guy like me. I know something which most of the world population still don’t! I didn’t know why but after a long time, I am feeling a sense of achievement. It feels so good to be accepted and acknowledged.

Just then, out of nowhere, My laptop started beeping.. I checked but battery was fully charged. but then why the beep? The beeps just kept growing and Aaaaaaauuuuhh!!… stupid alarm!!

Damn it! I hate dreams!! I was so happy … and its all gone now!!

I was so irritated that I felt like orkutting!! and then…. I just..just couldn’t believe my eyes!! Can It just be coincidence.. or… or… Oh my god!!!! Its not orkut anymore..!! Its Y!orkut!!

Yahoo! buys out Orkut!!


A hint about my next post : Wikipedia is going to buy out Gmail!!



7 thoughts on “Yorkut!!

  1. karthikkrishnakumar says:

    is this meant to be a joke? sorry couldnt make it out, think i need to check my sarcasm meter 😦

  2. karthikkrishnakumar says:

    ok.. the screengrab has icons shuffled about. js trick? cache problem.

    I checked orkut.. no Y! on it, and the screengrab had both Y! and google icons, which would never ever happen, (even under maintenance).

    and besides the blogosphere has no news/speculations about this.

    paste the mail daa. also check out the mail header, see if it was really from yang.

    dont mean to offend you, this is all a joke right? (Its a heavy afternoon here, and most threads in my brain are performing while(true) {sleep(1); if(brainwave) break;}, so i wont be able to recognise a joke even if jumped around quoting bushisms)

  3. Totally a joke da.. there was no mail from Jerry Yang.. Just saw Y! icon with orkut page (cache problem, of course)and “Our site is under temporary maintenance” and thought I could blow up a story out of it!! nothing serious about it at all!!
    I thought putting up “A hint about my next post : Wikipedia is going to buy out Gmail!! ” would help reassure that it is a totally made-up joke!!
    guess I need to take some training before I write such posts, after all!! 😦

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