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No, this is not about the latest batman flick – The Dark Knight(TDK),  but about its predecessor, Batman Begins. Having been impressed with TDK, i decided to check out Batman Begins. Watched about three-fourths of the movie this morning(yes 3/4ths, dint realize I was getting late for office till then).

The question that popped in my mind is ‘Why does Batman mortally injure half the city’s police force, wreck private property and destroy half the city’s infrastructure to save one life?’ Looking at the direction the movie is taking, I dont think he will even have the chance to sleep with her. So why?


9 thoughts on “Batman

  1. guru says:

    i generally don’t…. especially since there’s no strain on the actors to perform. it’s all about special effects. but u see any movie can be well done..”iron man” started off well and then messed up towards the end. spiderman is silly. so as long as a movie doesnt let me down mid way its ok with me

  2. Karthik says:

    in that respect, batman has very little role in the movie. he ll never be my fav on-screen hero, it ll always be V.

    but joker.. he is good, his voice with just that little hint of insanity, body language, dialogues – well.. worth watching.

  3. Karthik says:

    V – the superhero, DC Comics, V for Vendetta.. and wht’s wrong with the pic. i have my perfect fake smile all over it..

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