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The Dollar Store Syndrome ?

Here are some fresh ideas on how to choose your domain name… Hehehe..

football, I ask

Rigged Draws

At my workplace, there is an intra-office football tournament held every year. This year 12 teams are competing in which about 4 teams know how to play football, and I belong to one of remaining eight. The teams are divided into groups of 3, and 8 teams making to quarters, and so on.

A couple of days back, i heard from my colleague that 2 of the ‘big’ teams were initially drawn in the same pool, (at the time of the draw, the rules were slightly different, only 1 team was to qualifying from each group to the semis, so i am told) and that the draw was cancelled and done all over again. Now, me and my friend here had a chat about this, and agreed that it is only fair that these teams meet in the semis or the finals rather than the first round. That way all the one sides affairs will be over in the early stages and people will get to see some good football in the semis and finals.

Now this brings a bigger question into the picture. Despite all justifications, this is in a way cheating(cant remember a subtler word for this). What really bothers me is that if people are ready to rig draws in cases of no big significance, can we expect fairness in draws in events where bigger things are stake?

P.S My captain, despite all indications, is confident of us putting a good show. Yaa.. right, we will, if we get to touch the football.

I Think


Found a nice little addon in Ubiquity. The intention behind this addon is to change the way we interact with the web. Its a phenomenal idea, rather than teach people how to talk to the browser(and the web), its about teaching the browser how to understand people.

For me, someone who detests using the mouse, this is awesome, for different reasons. Its the absence of dependence on the mouse. Seriously, mouse is a needless luxury, we dont have that many ‘clickable’ points in our screen compared to the number of points the mouse can move in our screen(640 * 480 screen, the number of points the mouse can reach 307200(btw used ubiquity’s calc to compute ;), maximum clicking points? 100? 200? ). But.. the addon isnt perfect yet(to me, ymmv), i still have to ‘click’ on some links sometimes, but then its a start, thumbs up to ubiquity.


Big Phil

Impressed by the way chelsea played against portsmouth. (Not so much by the way my team played, but hey, things can improve.) Anyway, Big-Phil(btw why is he called that?) seems to be the perfect replacement for Mourinho, he is animated, has got a good sense of humor, and speaks english with an accent, far more likable than Mourinho(football wise – we will have to wait and see). Also liked his ‘We are the champions’ punch of the fist, when they scored.


Animal Farm

I dont think I will have anything new to say about the book, a lot has already been said over the sixty years since it was first published. This is one of those novels which contrary to the usual lived-happily-ever-after ending, ends on a note of hopelessness and despair.

The story is about a group of farm animals ousting the farm owner and trying to establish a utopian environment. In the beginning, they lay down rules, such as, all animals are equal, no animal shall kill another, no drinking and so on. However, with time, one section of the animals start exploiting others, bend rules to their convenience(no animal shall kill another, changes to no animal shall kill another without cause, no drinking becomes no drinking to excess, and finally all animals are equal becomes all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others) and become much worse than the oppressor they once drove away.

Although the novel was aimed at mocking(?) stalin’s and russia’s communist regime, i think the essence of the book is applicable even to present day totalitarian states, take Mugabe for example, the man who was once a hero, look at what he is today, one will find a lot of similarities between him and Napolean(the self proclaimed president of the animal farm). Anyway, if you havent read this book, i would suggest you to.