Animal Farm

I dont think I will have anything new to say about the book, a lot has already been said over the sixty years since it was first published. This is one of those novels which contrary to the usual lived-happily-ever-after ending, ends on a note of hopelessness and despair.

The story is about a group of farm animals ousting the farm owner and trying to establish a utopian environment. In the beginning, they lay down rules, such as, all animals are equal, no animal shall kill another, no drinking and so on. However, with time, one section of the animals start exploiting others, bend rules to their convenience(no animal shall kill another, changes to no animal shall kill another without cause, no drinking becomes no drinking to excess, and finally all animals are equal becomes all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others) and become much worse than the oppressor they once drove away.

Although the novel was aimed at mocking(?) stalin’s and russia’s communist regime, i think the essence of the book is applicable even to present day totalitarian states, take Mugabe for example, the man who was once a hero, look at what he is today, one will find a lot of similarities between him and Napolean(the self proclaimed president of the animal farm). Anyway, if you havent read this book, i would suggest you to.


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