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Found a nice little addon in Ubiquity. The intention behind this addon is to change the way we interact with the web. Its a phenomenal idea, rather than teach people how to talk to the browser(and the web), its about teaching the browser how to understand people.

For me, someone who detests using the mouse, this is awesome, for different reasons. Its the absence of dependence on the mouse. Seriously, mouse is a needless luxury, we dont have that many ‘clickable’ points in our screen compared to the number of points the mouse can move in our screen(640 * 480 screen, the number of points the mouse can reach 307200(btw used ubiquity’s calc to compute ;), maximum clicking points? 100? 200? ). But.. the addon isnt perfect yet(to me, ymmv), i still have to ‘click’ on some links sometimes, but then its a start, thumbs up to ubiquity.


2 thoughts on “Ubiquity

  1. sriniani says:

    You made a nice observation. Yes, it will reduce dependence on mouse. I feel that it will revolutionize the way web tasks are performed in future. See my post on it.

  2. Guru says:

    i havent seen this addon yet. will do. but about ur calculation that the mouse can reach 307200 when u need only 200 clickable points. thats a luxury not needless. its the only way u can make matter more presentable dont u think?

    if u like keyboard shortcuts, (i like them too) they should be standardized. i dont want to be learning shortcuts for every new application. it pisses me off. good example : openoffice and ms office

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