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Rigged Draws

At my workplace, there is an intra-office football tournament held every year. This year 12 teams are competing in which about 4 teams know how to play football, and I belong to one of remaining eight. The teams are divided into groups of 3, and 8 teams making to quarters, and so on.

A couple of days back, i heard from my colleague that 2 of the ‘big’ teams were initially drawn in the same pool, (at the time of the draw, the rules were slightly different, only 1 team was to qualifying from each group to the semis, so i am told) and that the draw was cancelled and done all over again. Now, me and my friend here had a chat about this, and agreed that it is only fair that these teams meet in the semis or the finals rather than the first round. That way all the one sides affairs will be over in the early stages and people will get to see some good football in the semis and finals.

Now this brings a bigger question into the picture. Despite all justifications, this is in a way cheating(cant remember a subtler word for this). What really bothers me is that if people are ready to rig draws in cases of no big significance, can we expect fairness in draws in events where bigger things are stake?

P.S My captain, despite all indications, is confident of us putting a good show. Yaa.. right, we will, if we get to touch the football.


One thought on “Rigged Draws

  1. Guru says:

    Go karthik! score some goals for me man. think of stevie g when u play.

    also FIFA draws are conducted live da. i dont believe those are rigged. liverpool are given a tough draw this time. atletico are good.

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