I Think

First impressions about posterous

Simply awesome.

But that’s the way I have felt about many other services released in
the past couple of years. But how many of these services do I actually
use on an everyday basis – a handful. Not to take anything away from
posterous though, they are just awesome.

One minor gripe – The ‘dont have to signup’ was misleading. I actually
ended up with http://karthik_6qoy0.posterous.com/ as the name of my
posterous site(although I was able to
change it to karthikk.posterous.com soon enough).

Will soon be experimenting with other features. Between, I had heard of
posterous some time back(was only mildly interested then), but the
thing that made me take that extra step of signing up and trying it out
was this post http://sachin.posterous.com/posterouscom-is-not-in-beta .


“Beta” is just an excuse to release buggy software and not have
to take responsibility for it.


So true.


We write the highest quality code we can, and if shit breaks, we take
responsibility and fix it.


Honestly, this is the one sentence that got me to try Posterous. Way to

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