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Top Posting? or Bottom posting?

My usual style of responding to emails is by
typing the reply at the bottom of the sender’s message, that i have
assumed to be the right way because that’s where thunderbird places the
cursor while trying to reply. But, most of my friends here reply by
typing at the top, which in a way is useful because you dont have to
scroll to see what the last person has said.
I dint bother about which is the right/wrong way until today, one
friend asked me why i had replied an empty mail to him yesterday(my
reply was at the bottom of a long thread, and it seems people assumed i
had simply clicked reply and forgot to add anything). That’s when I
realised something is awfully wrong in the way I reply. Did a google
search on which is the right way of doing this and turns out it is yet
another long standing debate(Between my style is called “Bottom
Posting” and the other is “Top Posting”). Found a nice article talking
about each style here http://mailformat.dan.info/quoting/ .

Now whatever the (dis-)advantages each style has, I think the decision
of which to use should be based on how the majority in your usual
mailing group work, and going by that I think I will be changing my
style to top-posting 😦

P.S: To change your reply position check here.

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