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Ten Thousand Cents

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One observation. Look at the average time spent/user by country.
Egyptians have spent a good half hour, chinese come second at 23
minutes and indians third at 11 minutes. Superficial interpretation may
suggest how people from these countries are willing to grind themselves
for a cent. This coincides with the popular opinion of china/india
being good low cost(a.k.a cheap) outsource destinations. That
interpretation is flawed and here is my reason. I think people take up
mechanical turk jobs(with such meager offerings) not to make a living
out of it, but to get the satisfaction of helping out somebody. The
cent is really a token of appreciation, its like the rupee you put on
the pujari’s plate at temples, that rupee is not for the god, but for
the person who has devoted his life to god and being a channel between
god and the masses
. Of course, you may
argue about how pujari’s become pujaris to make a living, dont do this,
that, whatever, whatever. I dont want to get into all that, i cannot
think of anything more about what their job description could be.
Coming back, another way of looking at this would be
proud-indian/chinese way, people may say ‘Indians put immense efforts
into perfecting even such small things’, ‘so much time for such a job
shows dedication’ blah.. blah.. This observation is also.. well..
incorrect. Reason, we simply dont know if the task actually takes more
than 10 minutes to do, if the overall average is around a couple of
minutes and you spend 10 on that, it could also indicate
inefficiency(like using a small brush to paint the section).

So what do i have to say about it? Well sit back and enjoy the work of
10000 people, have a nice laugh at the selected gallery. Appreciate
their work.

P.S: What does the percent unique visitors stat represent?

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2 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Cents

  1. EssKay says:

    X % unique visitors sounds to me like, (100-X)% work was done by guys who have already done a piece before.

    In many places of the image, the accuracy / correctness is much poorer compared to actual strip, which I suppose is pretty much proportional to time spent. kinda not sure of the “overdoing Vs inefficiency” theory…

    BTW… nice find!! 🙂

  2. Karthik says:

    Oh, so a 76 % unique visitors translates to this – out of every 100 people taking up the task, 24 were involved in drawing more than one piece. Right?

    Awesome dude, no wonder you topped DI.

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