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Kaadalin vilunden…

It has been about 36 hours since I saw the
movie ‘Kaadalil Vilunden‘, still I get a fit when I try to think
about the movie.
No, I am not the
first victim of the movie, the hero himself has a fit during the movie,
the cameraman has also suffered from violent seizures as evidenced by
the shakiness in the print, and random slicing and splicing of the reel
(which gives the impression of incoherence between the scenes)
indicates that the editor was also not spared.
A certain part of my brain is dead. A certain
other part of my brain is considering legal action on certain other
parts for attempted murder. That certain part is refusing to
communicate with the remaining parts, and has gone on to declare itself
as an independent entity and is already composing a national anthem.

The movie projects an entirely new perspective to life, it makes you
understand the meaning of life, the universe, the vedas, the
upanishads, easter islands, paris hilton etc, and promptly suggests you
to commit suicide for there is nothing more to live for. I have been
trying to single out one particular scene as the pinnacle of absurdity,
but every scene seems to be equally qualified that I have difficulty in
doing so.

The movie starts with the usual boy-meets-girl and falls ‘madly’ in
love etc, except that the hero actually turns out to be mad. He
believes his dead girl friend to be alive and ends up killing himself
when he the villain kills the dead body of the heroine, that’s
right the villain kills the heroine’s dead body. IMO, this movie
certainly qualifies as WMD and wouldnt be surprised if america decides
to declare war on us some time soon.

Now that I have spelled out the facts concerning the movie, allow me
speculate on a couple of things, I think the hero paid to act in the
movie, as did the heroine, i also think the heroine is a mega-serial
actor, a couple of UI changes cannot hide that fact.

Signing off in SunTV top 10 movies style ::
Kaadalin vilunden, vaandi edutten.

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6 thoughts on “Kaadalin vilunden…

  1. Ashwin says:

    LOL!! Wonder what evil driving force convinced you to buy tickets for this movie.. pray they haunt you more and bring blogs like these :))

  2. its tweet because the service is called twitter.

    if you like, you could call them ‘guru’s grunts’ or ‘guru’s garjanais’ or something that sends a heterosexual signal 🙂

  3. EssKay says:

    If at ‘tweet’ sounds wierd, it sounds too girly to me..!! I hate when girls say…”Hey… thats cho chweet”.. :X

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