I Think, Silly

Finding neverland

Saw Finding Neverland. I havent read peter pan, wish I had, hope I will.

I may sound a little naive and childish, but there is definitely a part of me that never wants to grow up. I suppose you will say everyone wants that and rubbish away that thought as just a side effect of the movie, but having known myself for such a long time I assure you this is not a result of the movie, although this post definitely is. Have you ever believed in fairy tales? I used to. The tales I believed in, you know them, they are very famous, mahabharata, ramayana, prahalada. I liked them a lot and honestly believed in them. There is a beauty in innocence which is as beautiful as nature itself. I had that. Now I have mucked up myself with logic, rational thought and all that stupidity. I wish I can go back to my neverland.