I Think

Goodbye BJP

When it comes to national politics, so far I have been a BJP supporter. The primary reason for this affiliation – BJP appeared to represent the interests of the hindu community, which in some ways is being marginalised by other ‘secular’ parties. Its not that I agree with their philosophy, it is just that they have echoed my views on certain important issues like reservations in education, terrorism, etc. Also add to it the fact that I hate the congress for always, i mean ‘always’ playing minority vote bank politics in every fucking issue, I really dint have too many choices.

I am no longer a BJP supporter, thanks to Rajnath Singh’s wonderful statements today. Rajnath singh appeared on NDTV’s Big Fight today, where the topic once again was terrorism and the discussion surrounded the hindu ‘swami'(dayanand pandey)’s involvement in the malegaon blast. On his closing remarks(and a few times earlier) the BJP president appeared so fucking confident about the ‘swami’ innocence in this case, to quote abhishek manu singhvi, became the judge and jury in vindicating the ‘swami’, Not even a ‘law will take its own course’. His argument- ‘ a hindu cannot be a terrorist’. What kind of a moronic view is that? This is the height of irrational prejudice.