I Think


Mahabharata is once again being shown, this time in star utsav. One genial thing about this programme is the personification of time, it is time that narrates the entire epic. The beauty about this is, if not yet obvious, that only time has witnessed the entire drama and only time can provide an unbiased account of the events.
To me, the greatness of Mahabharata(and Ramayana) lies in the portrayal of the characters as neither good or bad. Be it Krishna, Karna, Duryodhana or Shakuni, every character has a good side and a bad side, just that certain traits stand out more than the others. There is a reason, an ‘Upakatha’ that explains why people have turned out the way they are. It is probably unfair to compare Mahabharata with similar western epics, but cant resist it. Contrast this with the Lord of the rings, I have absolutely no clue as to why the dark lord does what he does, we just have to take the authors word that he is evil and there is no other way about it.
Today’s episode was the one in which Devavrata takes his vows. It is one of the most crucial points in the epic. I have always been impressed with Bheeshma, what he does is beyond imagination, in “Ganga’s” words, neither “Maanush” nor “Dev” would be able to do what he has done. My sister thinks he was stupid to take such vows, just so his father can do jalsa and jilpaans with the fisher-girl. But that is what makes him great. Putting your pleasures behind, and deciding to serve the state without any expectations, when clearly you have a right to claim the throne, come on, how many can do that?