I Rant

Being Normal

Disclaimer: This might be one of the most self-indulgent posts[sic]. Go away now, if you hate that kinda stuff.

Have you ever felt lonely? I bet it isnt anywhere close to how I feel. Being a loner is a significant part of my character, it may not be a rational choice, but it is a conscious choice. Or is it? Coming to think of it, I was essentially left with just one choice, and when there is only one choice, it is incorrect to call it choice. It all stems from the fact that I can hardly find a topic for conversation that is mutually interesting, and talking seems to be a very essential part of socializing. Sigh.

Being a loner is fun as long as you dont realise you are alone. There is this occasional moment where you feel you are missing stuff, but one gets used to it. The weekend is just about to begin, and all that I have to look forward to is work. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy my work, but as much as I enjoy it, i cant help the feeling I am missing on other usual stuff.