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Stranger woman

On my way to office, saw this lady, a
complete stranger, about 20-22 years old (or young). She would have
been pretty had she not worn that permanent frown, as if the whole
world is conspiring to take away her sandwich. It didnt look like she
was having a bad day, it was more like her usual expression-at-ease.
Now I wanted to raise this point to her, ‘Missy, you would look a lot
better if you occasionally exercise the face muscle that makes one look
like he/she is smiling’, but how do you say that without having her
sandal-marks all over my face? I suppose this is the sort of advice
people would like to hear, but how does one deliver it without looking
like a jerk?

PS: Indian Ocean has decided it needs a vacation, and is moving
to chennai except that there it is passing through a sieve. Its raining
lions and tigers,

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