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The mumbai terror attack

I dont want to talk sensibly about this, because that will be a colossal waste of my ’emotional energy'(I nicked that phrase from Nandan Nilekani, maybe some other day I will discuss that). There you go, with that said, let me go on with my rant, a lot of it may not make sense.

The whole thing reflects the abysmal failure of our ‘intelligence’. ‘Intelligence’ is pretty much an oxymoron in this case, and people associated with it are just morons.

I watched the events mostly on NDTV. NDTV keeps talking about this anger among Indians… a lot of blah stuff. Strangely, I dont feel that connected with this ‘terror attack’. Not as much as I felt after the train blast or even the delhi blasts. That was an attack that I could relate to. Sure, the whole taj episode was fun to watch on live television. Frankly, an attack on taj or oberoi means as much to me as the attack on world trade center. Its more like some snobbish rich arse with enough money to buy an island off puerto rico got their snooty arses busted. Sure these structures are important icons, and blowing up a building to symbolise your anger is great for a movie like V for Vendetta, but frankly, the common man brushes aside this attack and moves on. I mean who gives a damn about wasabi or wasavi or suzuki (the japanese restaurant in taj) getting demolished, there are people who are hardly able to put indian food on their plates. And the common man that I mention is the generalisation of my surroundings. I wouldnt be surprised if a villager thought that the train attacks wasnt a big deal, because he faces far difficult problems in his everyday life. But the feeling I get is that 90% of the country wouldnt be disturbed by this attack(just as you and I arent bothered about what happens in the north-east). The only people who really make a big deal out of this are the media and the politicians and some of the snooty arses like Shoba De who thinks she represents the entire country and people like amitabh bachchan (who has written on his blog that he is sleeping with a gun under his pillow).

NDTV, through all this episode has tried real hard to come out as some sort of moral authority, patronising the work done by the politicians on one hand and glorifying the people killed during the attacks. What karkare, salaskar did was brave but it did look stupid if you think about it. Trying to fight terrorists carrying grenades and automatic weapons with nothing more than a pistol is something only Vijayakanth should try, others who try this will look just plain stupid or dead or as in this case both. Oooh.. i spoke ill of the dead. As for the others who died in combat, i really shed tears for the sacrifice they have done.

Coming back to NDTV, some of the reporting was pathetic. Yes, it is a national disaster, but there are other things to be reported. For example, there have been devastating floods in chennai, not a word has been reported about it till now. No emergency helplines, no details about deaths and destruction here, come on this is also part of India. I have been disappointed with senior journalists like Barkha, she was running around the taj like a 18 year old first time reporter who got five minutes to fame on national television. Explaining for five minutes that the curtains were used as makeshift ladders to bring people down.. meh.. that’s like telling a room full of math graduates that in number theory 1 plus 1 equals 2. Look at this video…

What is she trying to explain, is she trying to get the viewers emotionally wound up? Pathetic.

There was also some rubbish about where is Raj Thackeray during all this. This was pretty lame in the context of things. People asking this do not understand this country. Again these are people(basically comparing apples and oranges) who do not connect with the issues that Raj has taken up on behalf of people who ‘think’ they face these issues.(For the record, I dont endorse Raj’s views, I think he is a pig.)

All this will be forgotten as only things get forgotten in India. A couple of months from now, there will be arrests of a couple of muslims who had sympathised with the terrorists and aided them. A year from now, there will be memorial services remembering the dead(there will be a ‘we the people’ episode on this and i will be watching it). A couple of years later the supreme court will declare death sentence for the guy who was caught and the others who helped him. Four years later, a mercy plea will be submitted to the president. Some party hoping to secure muslim vote will delay their hanging. Oh and people will continue their usual existence. Quite frankly, the changes that will make this country a safer place will be too much of a trouble, will not be acceptable to every part of the society, and nobody will care.

On a personal level, the only positive about this incident is that it casts light on the fragility of life. Death is the shadow constantly tagging us, and it only takes a second for it to conquer you. You cannot avoid it. If death was to happen to you this instant, would you accept it with a feeling of having lived a wonderful life till now or would you feel stupid for having wasted your time worrying about the economy and sensex plumetting 12000 points?


4 thoughts on “The mumbai terror attack

  1. dr renish says:

    dear sir ,
    the only thing to do to prevent terrorism effecting local people is , to convey message to terorist groups that local people are not your enemy , and your true enemies are politicians because with the politicians statement and with their act so many innocent people lost their lives as well as that will give birth to negative thinking against either americans-europeans or hindu-muslims ……….so the real culprits are politicians and if any terrorism group has to take revenge they have to take revange with killing of politician not buy killing of innocent people

  2. guru says:

    I cudn’t agree with most of what u said initially or at least about the part where u said ppl were stupid to fight with pistols are whatever. my thought is if they had a choice they wud have gone for the better one. but i cudnt agree more with ur final two paragraphs. and i have always viewed journalism with skepticism. media is just abt money now. and barkha wasnt reporting she was acting there. and it was pathetic. i am happy that u didnt get a chance to watch how news channels here developed the story, it would have pissed u off even more. i share ur philosophical standpoint in this matter.

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  4. Archana says:

    Nicely worded! Considering that I was one amongst thousands of Indians glued to NDTV, I empathise and agree with you.

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