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Booby Trap

What i saw while shopping for diwali is the subject of this post. It was the… the most… wonderful.. ? yes, but that’s not the word.. exotic..?? true.. extravagant..??? definitely.. ok.. how do do you describe a cleavage that is all this and more? There was this woman flaunting her *fill adjective here* cleavage.. My eyes refused to look away from this amazing scene, which was stupid because my brain hadnt ordered it to look anywhere else. I suppose this is what people refer to as ‘booby trap’. Anyway, i went nuts over the cleavage(hey.. i am speaking figuratively… dont take that in a literal sense).

Once the adrenaline settled down the whole thing bothered me for a couple of reasons. 1. It wasnt special, let me explain what special is in a bit. According to karthik’s second axiom..yes that’s me , ‘accidental cleavage is always better than deliberate cleavage'(see foot note for the first axiom). Accidental cleavage is one of the few things that makes a man religious, for only the lord krishna, allah, jesus, the buddha, sun, moon, stars, solar system, alpha centauri etc could have made your presence at that specific spot possible… there is no other explanation.. you are the ‘Chosen One’ to witness that cleavage. But deliberate cleavage robs you of that felling, now anybody who sees that woman can see the cleavage. The other reason has probably got to do with the fact that i am still a 20th century indian. And the view of a cleavage of a late 20’s-early 30’s woman, who had her 5year old kid nearby… dint seem right. Maybe i need to get used to seeing more cleavages. Anyway, felt bad about seeing the cleavage with an open mouth, felt good about feeling bad and once again felt bad about feeling good about feeling bad… yes it does make sense if you think about it.

PS: Here’s the karthik’s first axiom for the interested, ‘no two cleavages are the same, every cleavage is unique’, try and invalidate it.


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      machi…Utter chaos ur writing is :)))
      super fun!…coming to the point..I am still @TCS and i am running a very kutti magazine meant for creativity every week….do u mind if i feature ur posts with all due credits (ur Blog address)

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