I Rant


Had been to Hyderabad a couple of weeks back. I always tend to underestimate the power of human stupidity and time and again learn my lesson. When it comes to road sense, I thought Chennai held the record for having the least of it, as it happens with records, it was completely shattered by Hyderabad. If I were to plot a bar graph with city on the x-axis and quantified lawlessness along the y, the bar for Hyderabad would break into the 3rd dimension of the 2D graph, zoom past the 5th, would look completely bored surfing through the 8th before finally settling in the 14th dimension, infinity will be awestruck by it like a 14 yr old looking at a 48D for the first time, big bang will look like a vengaya vedi before it… you get the point.
It is not just the motorists, the pedestrians of Hyderabad must be the result of bad genetic experiments aimed at cross breeding humans with zombies. They zombie walk their way onto the road and any human semblance shows up only to yell and scream when some motorist knocks them over.