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Pub Culture

With valentine’s day just a couple of weeks away, it looks like we are in for a lot more “Cultural Cleansing” by the custodians of hindu culture, the Ram Sena, the Shiv Sena, the ” fill in a god’s name here” sena. Is it just coincidence that all these senas are named after a male god , or am I reading too much into the naming of the senas? In case you are wondering what i am talking about, it is the ugly incident involving hindu extremists beating up the hot chicks they could never get to date at a Mangalore pub. The funny thing about the incident was the statement by the chief of the taliban-in-the-making-ram sena saying the girls were like his sisters.

Now I have said before in this blog that I am just as big a hypocrite as you are, I am not proud of it, but that to me has a connection to this problem. If I were to ask you “Do you think women should dress in whatever way they feel comfortable?”, you would probably say yes(if you dont, you should see a psychiatrist). But if I asked you “Does it not bother you that all these women are roaming around in skimpy clothing?”, I can almost hear you say “Ha! no, it doesnt bother me”, then I say, “hey who’s that? isnt that you little sister in that ….(fill in the name of that revealing dress, i am no good in fashion)? Awesome cleavage dude.. If only she would bend a little… ” If you dont get pissed off at this, get off my blog you filthy scumbag. If you say you dont have a sister, let me rephrase that question with your mom. Funny that I remember this cartoon strip where a kid beats up his class mate and says “You take that back, my mother is so virgin…”. We are ok with women ‘expressing’ themselves as long as they are not in the family.

What the hell does this have to do with thugs beating up pub goers? Well, there seem to be an awful lot of people in this country who dont know if what the sena boys have done is right or wrong. “Clearly, what they did is not right(aah! it isĀ  ‘not right’ and not ‘wrong’), but the girls got what they deserved, what business did the girls have in a pub, its the middle of the day for god’s sake”. You may not subscribe to this view, but that is what is in the minds of so many people, I know it is pathetic, wish I could help. If you dont believe me, ask karnataka cm, he reckons the thugs crossed the line, but also added that this “pub culture” will not be tolerated.

Of course, this ambivalence is just one of the problems, the others are a) greater educational divide and b) prohibiting boys and girls from getting together.

When I say educational divide, I am not implying that the pub goers are in any way more educated than the hooligans who attacked them, what i intend is that the members of the sena lack the ability to question the hearsay data about hindu culture, and the ability to analyze the pros and cons of launching such an attack, and the ability to reason whether it is a good thing to spend your time and energy on when compared to normal people.

The other is a problem as big as any other problem our society is facing. If you havent experienced it, you are lucky. When will people learn that prohibiting something will only make us want it more. Curiosity is in our genes. The more you stop boys and girls from being together, you will see more jealous guys beating the hell out of the ones who got lucky. Grow up people, not every guy and girl who hang around are going to engage in fornication.

Finally, no rant of mine is complete without bashing the media. The media seems to have been invited for a front row premiere of the show. I understand it is their job to be present at the scene, but is it not their duty to inform the law enforcement agencies if they have prior information about such incidents. Nobody can question them because ironically, the only people who can raise such questions is the media. That’s some catch, catch 22 i say. Here are some anti-media blog links I enjoyed reading today, special thanks to @vivekn for the links.



I Think

Navaratna Tale

Imagine the coolest bath you have ever had. Now try the same bath with Navaratna oil applied on your face. This will without doubt be your coolest bath. It will be so freakin cool that you would end up bitching.. er.. advocating it to everybody. I must warn you though, this is not for the faintest of hearts, but for those with steely sinew and a predilection for experimentation.

How I ended up applying navaratna oil on my face is a long but uninteresting story. Since paatan-mupaatan’s time, which is to say I dont know since when, velakkenna has been the remedy for small cuts, bruises, sprains. However, that was such a babe-repellent that coconut oil pretty much replaced it as the panacea for household wounds (read pondatti’s rotti katta adi). Only a few years ago I realised that even coconut oil happens to be a babe-repellent and since then I have moved on to Navaratna oil, after a brief spell of brylcream usage(Apparantly, hair oil isnt what repels babes). So when the normal shaving incident turned bloody this morning, I toyed with the idea of either using the usual after shave or trying the novel navaratna idea, and instictively I chose the oil. (That was a nasty trick pulled off by my insticts, I am planning not to hear them for some time.)