I Think

Navaratna Tale

Imagine the coolest bath you have ever had. Now try the same bath with Navaratna oil applied on your face. This will without doubt be your coolest bath. It will be so freakin cool that you would end up bitching.. er.. advocating it to everybody. I must warn you though, this is not for the faintest of hearts, but for those with steely sinew and a predilection for experimentation.

How I ended up applying navaratna oil on my face is a long but uninteresting story. Since paatan-mupaatan’s time, which is to say I dont know since when, velakkenna has been the remedy for small cuts, bruises, sprains. However, that was such a babe-repellent that coconut oil pretty much replaced it as the panacea for household wounds (read pondatti’s rotti katta adi). Only a few years ago I realised that even coconut oil happens to be a babe-repellent and since then I have moved on to Navaratna oil, after a brief spell of brylcream usage(Apparantly, hair oil isnt what repels babes). So when the normal shaving incident turned bloody this morning, I toyed with the idea of either using the usual after shave or trying the novel navaratna idea, and instictively I chose the oil. (That was a nasty trick pulled off by my insticts, I am planning not to hear them for some time.)