I Rant, I Think


the resolve to write often has progressively deteriorated and i stand now with neither the words nor the inspiration. the mental restriction i had set up to posting was – write if the thought/idea/experience is original.. who am i kidding.. plagiarized in a original fashion or if the topic deserves commentary and if it adds value(the minimum being the pleasure of just reading the blog), in boolean logic terms – (originality || deserves mention) && value. now, it seems, topics that deserve to be written about have already been written about, the ones that havent, havent reached my ears yet. as for original thought, the only original ones in my possession are personal experiences, which as the saying goes, are unique, just like everyone else’s. the web is already clogged up with a myriad accounts of such experiences and another one will just add muck to the ‘internet tubes’. even when i have narrowed on the topic, its value quotient has been the reason many a draft has gone down the drain. i will call this problem as the ‘breaking from the common’ problem. in effect, all i want this blog is to be unique(just like every other blogger would want) but find it failing.
so… here is a question to you. what makes your blog different? how do you decide on the bloggability of a post? do you ask what value you are adding to the reader? or is it just mindless drivel?