I Think

The Left and the economy

With the economy slowly doing a Titanic, the left is wearing a triumphant, gloating, nauseating I-warned-you look. The left has firmly opposed the liberal and pro-western policies advocated by the current and the previous governments. For once I am forced to accept that they may have been partly right, albeit in the same sense as the saying ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day’.

I watched a talk show where Brinda Karat, Digvijay Singh and Ravi Shankar Prasad were invited, and despite Karat coming out with the most lucid, persuasive and eloquent arguments for why the left is the much needed alternative, I remain skeptical of the Left’s ability to form and lead an effective, ‘progressive’ alternative to the incumbent government and the anti-secular opposition.(she also got extra points for being extremely dignified, a thing that is lost and forgotten in this age of high decibel mudslinging). I have a very negative opinion of the left, whether it is because of the brainwashing by the west, or because of novels like Animal Farm, or is it because of what is happening in the couple of states they rule, I dont know. My gut feeling is that we would be better off having the Left in the opposition in these troubled times. That doesnt necessarily mean anybody else would do a better job, still I dont trust them to save the sinking economy.