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Sensationalist headline.

Sensationalist headline.

The only hero(or in politically correct terms – villain) in this election campaign so far has been Varun Gandhi. On the day of his arrest, Indian Express made a rather sensationalist headline “Gandhi Jailed”, grossly glorifying the wrong Gandhi to proportions that one finds fitting only for the great one. BJP, as usual is trying to gain as much mileage out of this incident, distancing itself from the comments ‘attributed’ to Varun, while all the time milking the incident for all its worth.

Other than that shameful incident, the current campaign doesnt look to have gathered steam. The reason I find it so maybe because Tamil Nadu goes to polls in the last phase and things here havent gathered momentum yet. Still, the vigour in campaigning that one saw during the Mahajan era is clearly missing. Although I do see a lot of Advani’s adwords campaigning, it lacks the effectiveness and the reach that one has become used to seeing through TV, radio and posters.

Even the Congress hasnt done anything remarkable yet, and the Jai Ho! ad is honestly very, very disappointing. To see leaders of the past as their poster boys only highlights the nonexistence of leaders in the current generation.

The real activity seems to be happening in the third front, Sitaram Yechury has taken over as the chief strategist of the front, forging key alliances and the latest wolf to join the pack is NCP. I dread the day the third front turns out victorious, I cannot stand the thought of watching a couple of MP’s holding the nation to ransom, parties fighting for ministerial portfolios evoke strong images of hounds fight over a hare’s carcass. Must vote wisely.


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